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    New here to the forum. Looks llike a great site and I am hoping to learn from everyone. Just need some advice.

    I gonna be looking at a 2006 for $2600. I live in So.Cal. The bike has 1500 miles on it and second owner. This guy used it once and it has sat for about a year. It turns over but wont start. I can only assume the jets are clogged up. Would that be a good assumption? Is there anything else I can check to make sure thats the issue? If it's really clean, should I take a chance on it? If there is anything else to check on these when buying used please let me know. I know nothing about these bikes but they sure look fun!!! Is the price fair. They seem a bit high in this state.

    Thanks much for any info!!!

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    Check compression.

    See if fuel will come out of the carb drain screw.

    See if there is spark.

    See if you can get it cheaper. That is a little high for a non-running bike in my opinion.

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    If the bike was running and in top condition, that would be a decent price. These bikes hold their value exceptionally well. Not running, $2600 is way too high!

    Also, I seem to recall that 2006 was a problematic year. I don't remember exactly what the issues are, but I'm sure someone else on here could tell you. There was another post earlier this week describing a non-running 2006 TW.

    If you look around at dealers in your area you might be surprised what kind of bargains you can find on a new TW too. I bought my 2011 brand new (on clearance) for about a grand more than you're thinking of paying for that non-runner.
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    I think the problem your talking about for an 06 was the base gasket leaking if I remember right. Replacing with a 2010 base gasket fixed I believe.
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    Where in SoCal is the bike?

    One of us could go look at it with you. But I agree with Bullspit. Takes a lotta nerve to list a non-runner for that kind of money. I'd pass unless he wants to take an 800 dollar hit on it. Otherwise I'd tell him to call me once he took it to the dealer and got it running..

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    Thanks to everyone for the replys. I took a look at it last night and it does run with the choke open. It is very clean and sounded tight. Price does seem a bit high. I think I'm gonna look around a bit more.

    Thanks for all your help!

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