23 years later, I finally get one.
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    I first saw a T-dub in 1989 at the local Yamaha shop, almost to this day. Right before Christmas and I was 15 at the time. Back then my parents had this thing where we wouldn't ever really get much, but whatever we got would be cool as hell...that being said I didn't get a TW that year, I got a Yamaha Breeze. No complaints since this was in Northern Michigan and there was plenty of snow in the winter, so the Breeze was fine for that. At that time you could basically ride wherever you wanted as long as you weren't a dick, including the side of the road...that being said the little breeze was my main transportation year round. In retrospect, I think they bought it so they wouldn't have to drive me anywhere at all..which they didn't for the next year.

    So...23 years later I "accidentally" bought a used pw50 for my 6-year old last week for Christmas, mainly because my wife said NO and I'm all about going against her. After my victorious score I decided that I needed something as he sure as hell wasn't going to ride by himself so I started looking at KLR 650's. There's plenty of them around here cheap, but then I remembered that the last time I rode one that it was just a tall, unruly beast...then I saw a pic of a TW and I had the exact same feeling as I did back in 89, as in "I have to get that". I found some on CL and as always received zero response from any of the sellers, then three days later my gem popped up on CL. 24 hours later it was mine.

    2003, 2700 miles, adult owned, front and rear racks, Clarke tank, rack bag, FSM, hand guards, extra mirrors, original tank, etc. All for $2100. When I picked it up I took it for a spin and was all smiles as soon as I left his driveway, like I just got laid for the first time...you know that feeling. I woke up early today just to ride it, and it was only 22f outside. The absolute best part is my 6-year old saying that he now needs a bike, little does he know.

    I do plan on riding it all winter, but I'm going to go completely through it first. Oil, filter, DID O-ring chain, sprockets, plug and whatever else. Once it gets warm out the carb is getting a redo based on everything I've read here.

    03 TW200 Moose handguards, F+R custom racks, Clarke TW tank, 15/50, RK o-ring and a bag for trips to the party store.

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    Congratulations Matty, looks like you scored a pretty nice TW.

    Welcome to the forum!


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    Sweet! Welcome to the T-Dub Club!
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    looks like it was worth the wait, nice score! my son is only 3, but loves to ride loops around the driveway with me. i got a honda 50 when i was 6, i can't wait until he can ride his own.
    1994 TW226- 6spd. 10w-40 synthetic, XTHidden Content , XT225 stainless header, +2" Joemama swingarm, lizrd cooler, +20% fork springs, +25% rear spring, 2001 speedo w/ trip odo, pro taper atv bars, bark busters, shinko 241 front tire, front fender w/ mr bracket bracket, Hidden Content , o-ring chain, ricochet skid plate, Hidden Content , XT225 rear brake cam lever, folding-tip shifter, cycle rack, kolpin 1.5 aux tank & 1450 pelican case. Hidden Content or Hidden Content

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    I know that love at first sight feeling. I had it when I saw my first TW in 2005. Everyone I knew said "No! No! She is not for you! You'll never be happy together!" How wrong they were!
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Great story, great bike! And, you seem like a cool and funny dude...a welcome addition to the club. I like the racks, they look custom. Similar to other designs but somebody wanted to make their own maybe? I hope you're video recording Christmas because that 6 yr old's reaction should be pretty awesome.
    - Leisure Time Larry -
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    2004 TW200, 13-55 gearing, Shinko 241, Race Tech Emulators, Procycle front springs, Works Performance rear shock, Emgo handguards, Luckybike mirror risers, Ken Sean DS foldable mirrors, 30mm Tusk bar risers, Seat Concepts, Kick Starter kit, Plasti-dip camo coat, Cycle Pumps, Ricochet Skid Plate, flood and spot LED pod lights, Sena, Garmin etrex 20 GPS, IMS 313114 folding shifter

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    Man what a find! All of that for $2100 Sweet. Congrats

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    Welcome! like that front rack! I've seen some that go below the headlight but kinda silly to have it there and if you put anything on it, it blocks the headlight.
    Mike Carter. Woodland, California (NorCal). '89 Tw200 (Black Widow Edition). Blood red Jimbo shield, Cycleracks, Nuvi 500 GPS, Kolpin fuel pack jr., D shield bark busters, 55t rear sprocket, Golden boy front tire, Ricochet shield.

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    Welcome Matty. Glad to hear your story. You won't be disappointed. And there is no cure for the TW disease, thankfully.
    SeatConcepts,carb mod,Shinko tires,15/50 o-ring chain,custom racks f/r, aluminum luggage,windshield,handguards,heated grips,Clarke tank,high frt fender,led running lights,folding shifter, wide pegs,12v outlets,headlight kill switch,voltmeter,stainless header,2nd brakelight,GPS/phone mount

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    Welcome. Nice bike, and well equipped too. All you need now is a Jimbo shield, heavy duty bash plate, better front tire, Banshee shock, bigger......................

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