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Thread: TW200 for tall guy

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    TW200 for tall guy

    So I’ve been researching a dirt bike for fun trail riding and dirt/ gravel roads exploring.
    This would be my first dirt bike but I’ve been riding street for 30 years.
    I’m 6’6” 230 lbs . Is it gonna be too small?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougrad View Post
    I’m 6’6” 230 lbs . Is it gonna be too small?
    To begin with, yes, it's going to feel small. BUT... there are several things you can do to make it fit you.

    I'm 6'4", 235, and right off the bat, I could tell the springs were way to soft. I added heavy springs front and rear, as well as handlebar risers and taller bars, and I'm very happy with the result.

    Here's another thread full of great advice:

    Here's my "day mod" thread, which covers a lot of different things, including my suspension upgrades:

    Have fun, and welcome to the forum!
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    Yup! The bars will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Risers are good as are higher bars however there is just so much higher you can go before you have to get longer cables. At 6' 6" that is a sort of disability where small dual sport bikes are concerned. The TW is a fine mule if what you want is to just cruise around at comfortable speeds enjoying the scenery but it does lack the power to blast the seat of your pants. I guess it could be a matter of where you extended height derives from. Are you all legs, all upper body or a combination of both. I am 5' 11" with a 30 inch inseam and the TW fits me perfect once I added the Pro Taper ATV High bars with no cable issues at all. I suspect you might want higher so risers would be in order but then the cables could become a major issue. Suspension is what it is and stronger springs might help if you like to blast a bit in the dirt. I used the Pro Cycle 19 Kg Red spring for the rear and it worked fine for what I carried at around a 225-240 pound load. Never did the front springs but I rode rather mild when off the pavement.
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    You can also install longer front forks which is not easy to source and may require modification and also extended swing arms and banshee or blaster rear suspension mods have been done by members here. You could jack it up quite a bit but it takes time and money that you may want to invest in another bike. I'm 6' tall myself and found 2" handlebar risers helped a lot but when riding more aggressive enduro I find I'm looking for more mods to make up those minor suspension short comings.

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    A source for affordable longer cables and brake lines would make things easier to install risers taller than 2 inches like these 4 inch beauties. Pivoting risers can open up the cockpit ergonomics a bit by rotating forward, cutting bars shorter gets a bit more cable play too.
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