3 more months till spring
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    sorry guys hardly any snow mostly cold bikes are put away with the boat and other summer toys. So no snow pics for awhile plus they salt the roads fiercly here so much that i have a rust free summer truck and a rusty winter beater truck oddly enough they are both chevy s10 's . so when spring comes and i pull out my dub you can bet ill post some pics in the snow or more like on top of it nothing like the hard crunchy spring snowbank hard snow. now for me at least i will have snowmobiling witch is truly the way to travel across the snow . blasting snow drifts on the lakes or bomming the powder in the ditches or a nice scenic ride through the woods they all are a blast.. by the end of winter i will be shack happy to the point that a ride on my dub will put a smile on my face. if i had the funds to put the dub in the back of my truck and drive south in the mid winter doldrums maybe taxtime ? thanks for letting me ramble on and on on this wonderful forum. I was just wondering if anyone else can relate to this .

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    I can relate. Now that winter has come, I'll only get to ride 1 or 2 times a week and have to be more careful to be sure the bike get ridden often enough to keep fresh gas in the carbs, and batteries charged. Seriously, we all experience winter but some can honestly expect the chance of a nice day for riding with some frequency. I'm carrying wind pants in the top case, a rain suit goes with me on long rides, and certainly more careful to have a fleece neck scarf, extra heavy gloves and a couple of granola bars in case of delays. Since it freezes nearly every night here (due to altitude), I have to wait until 10:00 or so if I don't want to freeze my hands and feet in the wind, but life is rough, (and worthwhile). Enjoy the winter no matter where you are. Tom
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    I feel your pain....my bike is put away for the winter as well. Oh well, spring is just 3 or 4 months away. No Hockey and no TW....a bad combo this winter.

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    About four months for me before I head south for some spring riding

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