Been MIA for awhile and now I'm TW-less
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    Hey gang, its been awhile. I never got to show you guys my cool dual front fender mod (I'll try and get that up soon, its cool). Sorry I haven't been contributing lately. My life kinda took a crazy turn.

    I'm really close to my old man. He's 65 and recently suffered a stroke. It his the family hard and my time has been dedicated to taking care of his business (rental income properties) etc. I haven't had much time... The good news is though, he got to a stroke center super quick and he's making a great recovery, just much slower now.

    The bad news... I lost my beloved TW.

    The good news... My dad had to have it!

    I had it with me on a trip to his house. He's just like me, an old desert racer (he actually raced in mexico with Malcom Smith and knew Bruce Brown and all those guys including sharing campfires with McQueen and the boys). He cant ride the tall bikes anymore, so he loved the TW. Rode it around his property, with the rack and stuff, he loved it as a "get the mail" or "fix a fence" bike. I handed him the keys right on the spot and went home without it.

    So... now I need a bike. NO decent Dubs around here anywhere, then I ran across an 02 DRz400S, with get this, 380 miles on it. Cosmetic issues, but a virtually unused bike. More neglect than wear. For the price, I couldnt resist.

    So the dub is still around, so I'll be around from time to time, although my technical time is better spent on ThumperTalk... anyhoo, that's it. Sorry for the long winded "hello again". I'll always be a Tdubber!
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    YA done good by your old man, I hope he get better fast. Keep your knees in the breeze!
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    That was very nice of you! We'll still let ya ride with us at the Rubicon trail in spring/summer.
    Mike Carter. Woodland, California (NorCal). '89 Tw200 (Black Widow Edition). Blood red Jimbo shield, Cycleracks, Nuvi 500 GPS, Kolpin fuel pack jr., D shield bark busters, 55t rear sprocket, Golden boy front tire, Ricochet shield.

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    Glad your dad is making a good recovery.

    Now you need to convince him to join the forum to talk about his new TW (and to share some of his stories from the old days).

    It was nice of you to give him your bike!

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    Glad your dads okay, not mine but looks like a good deal.

    My link
    09 TW200

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    61 Sunbeam Alpine

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    Good to hear from you again, hope thing get better.


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    Much respect to you for being such a noble son. The world could use more like you.

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    Good for you Loppy.. You and your Dad take care. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Get the JETS from the 400 Quad and you will be happy

    Also she needs a real paper element gas filter

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