Carr Fire Northern Calif.
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Thread: Carr Fire Northern Calif.

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    Carr Fire Northern Calif.

    98,000 acres burned 20% contained. 6 deaths very very sad! 3,400 firefighters. This fire came with Firenadows! Fire on steroids! It pulled 50 foot oak trees out of the ground. 40,000 people have been evacuated. National Guard has shown up. 750 homes have burned. It's been ripping up asphalt and spraying slow fire trucks. Never seen the extremes this fire is showing. The fire line is 100 miles long. The entire perimeter of Whiskeytown Lake was burned. The entire Federal park has been burned. The boats in the marina were burned. For those who participated in the "Northwest Passage with Outlaws" ride will remember these mountains as green. It burned all the way to the top of Mt. Bally.

    I'm planning on riding this area out of curiosity this fall. Dirts a Flyen SanDue
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    I don't like this at all, so sad to hear of the loss of lives, homes and some absolutely beautiful country .

    Stay safe, Dan & Sue!

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    I've been watching it via (or something like that). It is really scary what those people and firefighters are going through.
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    Sorry to hear about all the devastation and loss of life those fires have brought to your state. Here on the east coast we have had record rain fall, flash floods and people are drowning. Crazy times we are in.

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    Very sad and in no small way, scary. Mule Town road was lots of fun, still have the videos. Fear many of those folks will be riding a 'rough road' for a bit. My guess is flames moved within 7 miles of your place. Since we live in a giant dry 'bush' our go-bag is packed, dog harnesses adjusted for added girth. Use to throw most of my shop stuff into the "grease-pit" and cover with a fire blanket. After viewing the link Fred provided a couple of years ago (Thanks Fred) and videos of the Carr fire, the effort now seems silly. Went about the neighborhood and matched lot addresses with first and last names. Printed and distributed the list so if so inclined one would be able to separate a looter/looky-lou from a concerned Friend. If you don't know the name of a resident, you don't need to be here (my opinion).
    Most of us are old enough to 'understand', in life, SHIT HAPPENS. Folks, give a bit more thought to be, a little more prepared. I am not a prep-per but in the short term, if I am thirsty, it sure is nice to have a bottle of water in the truck. Take care.....
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    Take care my Friend.........

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    My condolences to all those affected by the fires this season. I was at work today about 170 miles south of Redding, and there was a thick haze in the air. It smelled like being near a campfire. Can't imagine how bad it must be up near ground zero.
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    Yep, fires suck. Was supposed to head out on vacation yesterday. The Mendocino Complex of fires has moved east into Lake County. Nearly half of the community's of Lake County are under evacuation orders. My dad has evacuated to my place. We are next in line for evacuation orders. After the terrible fires south of here less than a year ago, officials are being very proactive with notices. Not nearly the loss of the Care fire near Sandue but sure getting tired of all this destruction.
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    Devastating, and sad. Im in northeast NV and the smoke from all the nor-cal fires and a couple of our own have made it impossible to see the mountain range which lies 8 miles from my house. Thick air, difficult to breathe. Couldn't imagine being as close as you are. Stay safe!
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    Carr and Mendocino Complex fires are still creeping closer to some really good TW Forum members.
    Let's all say a prayer not only for them but all those really affected by the devastation. Blaze orange sunsets and moonrises may look pretty from a distance but when thy are burning your way or through your neighborhood it is serious stuff.
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    I hope they can get the fires under control soon, we're getting smoke from the california fires here even.
    Hopefully no one else will get injured from this.
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