How often are there random TW200 sightings?
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    I was reading a thread posted by Alex Monteer on our beloved forum about how he noticed a TW200 parked in a cafe in Laguna. It was so rare to see one, he posted his sighting on the forum in hopes of connecting with the person, thinking he/she might be a member. It got me to thinking about here in Pennsylvania where I live.

    Since I developed interest the TW200 thing about 2 years ago, I've only ever noticed one on the road. It was a twenty-something guy with his girlfriend on the back just cruising around helmetless in some suburban neighboorhood in Bensalem, PA. I have a Yamaha dealer 5 minutes from my home in Bensalem and another one 45 minutes away in Montgomeryville. they never have TW's in the showroom. It's almost always bigger dirt bikes and sport bikes, and the FZ. I asked salesmen in both dealerships why no TW's? They both told me they don't sell and they'd rather have something else taking up that floor space.

    I believe them. When i was in my late 20's and had $$$ to spend, i was more interested in larger dirt bikes and Suzuki GSX-R sport bikes, too. And that was where my money went. Still, i would hope that one of these places would get a new T-Dub just to see how it goes... the economy is different now, maybe they would sell better.

    Around here, TW sightings are about as rare as seeing Bigfoot. Just wondering what everyone else's experience has been.

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    Well we have three in our area. Only noticed two more one time. I know when we go to a cycle event with the dubs they are noticed... OMM.

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    Me and my two riding partners have TW's, that's the only three I know of, I've never seen another one out and about.
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    I have never seen one around here, everyone is real interested in mine until they find out its a 200, then they want to know if they make a bigger one. The only dual sports I ever see on the road are klr's, bmw's, and very rarely dr 650s.

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    thanks for reading my post andrewclue's. Yeah I never see them thats why i got excited that i did. Still no one replyed if it was them. So I am guessing it wasnt anyone on the forum. At my dealership next to me "preformance motors" in san jaun Capistrano, CA they have 3 TW's there, 1 used 08 and 2 brand new 2012's. Thats actually the pace i went to sit on one before i bought mine.

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    I'm surprised, I actually see more than I thought I would around the Treasure Valley (Boise, ID) area. Not so much out on the street, but I spy them in the back of pickup beds, being pulled in trailers, and even some parked in drive ways. Of course, this is all relative to summer activities and hunting season!
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    I live in a densely populated area and over the last 4 or 5 years I have seen maybe 5 different TW's on the road.
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    I have owned my TW for just over five years. When I am in the south I Lways watch for motorcycles. In five years I have seen perhaps three other TW's

    At home my 2004 had a sister machine of the same vintage. Suddenly last summer our local Yamaha shop brought in four more so we now have six in a city of only 7000.

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    I've never seen another one around here. Tons of XR's and KLR's though.
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    I've only seen one in three years. In the back of a pickup parked on an old trail next to a creek. Near Mineral, WA

    I forgot who spotted me dressed up in orange near Morton, WA

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