TW Anniversary Gift
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Thread: TW Anniversary Gift

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    TW Anniversary Gift

    Attachment 182848TW2.jpgTW3.jpg

    The story starts about 10yrs ago when I purchased my first TW. It was an 87 TW I drove to western Idaho to pick up. I absolutely loved it, and added many mods to it. A few years later I met my soon to be wife, and eventually sold my TW and some other belongings to purchases a wedding ring. She knew my love for my TW and promised one day she would buy me another. Fast forward to a few days ago. She texted me a link to a TW that was for sale here in Utah, and she said it screams American_jackal. I had to agree with her (As I spend much of my free time in the hills chasing elk, mule deer, and coyotes) Then she stated it was too expensive. So I left it at that. Our anniversary was yesterday, and she gave away no hints of the TW till that night at my brothers house, when he ushered me to his garage, and there it was. A 2009 TW, with only 860miles. It included a trailer, that I had mentioned would be perfect for my limited entry elk hunt coming up this Sept. A gun case, and a saddle bag. I was beyond words, and have been excited to get it out ever since. Last night I literally laid in bed thinking about getting it out all night. Well thats the story. Looking to get some black brush guards, heavier duty skid plated, folding shift lever, smoked wind shield, and a head light guard.

    Honestly though, how bad ass is this thing? The previous owner built the trailer, and used in on a elk hunt as well. The trailer has a torsion bar for suspension.TW4.jpg

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    How awesome is that. Both an unexpected gift and a trailer too boot!

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    It does look pretty badass. But, the story here is you selling your TW for a ring, and her buying you a TW as a gift. Happy Anniversary you two!

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    Jackal: "Last night I literally laid in bed thinking about getting it out all night."

    Well, like we say in Texas..."When in doubt, whup it out!"
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    Darth: That is too damn funny. Thanks for pointing that out, and embarrassing the new guy.
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    That is such a good story of options to keep a happy marriage going. Time to reciprocate and do something special for that special wife.
    Hopefully your headlight guard won't cost more than a replacement headlight. This is often the case.
    Anyone ever break their TW's headlight?
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    Welcome to the forum!

    That thing is indeed badass. Congrats!

    So is your wife! Congrats on that too!
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    Great story. Like one of those Christmas miracle story's (man pawns watch to buy gift for wife, wife pawns "something" (I forget) to buy a watch fob for husband).
    Great gal.
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    Fred: I think it will be more of an aesthetics thing more that anything for me, and yes I do need to step up and get her something nice. Looking into a nice wildlife lens for her Canon 80D

    Stagewex: When we married she sold her Tacoma, and I told her I would get her another, and last year I ended up buying her one.
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    Nice story and what a great gift! Welcome from Vancouver Island.
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