1996 tw200
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Thread: 1996 tw200

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    1996 tw200

    I’m going to look at a 1996 TW200 with 1300 miles on it and the guy is asking $2000 for it. He has a lot of pics for it and it looks good, he says it has a new battery but it is missing the rear foot pegs and mounting bracket. Does this sound like a good price and where can I get a set of rear foot peg mounts cheap?

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    Just make sure it doesn’t have 20 year old tires on it, and that it runs correctly – both things can “dampen” your experience – other than that, check the title

    Rear pegs and mounting brackets come up from time to time – put a “request” in the classifieds here to start with – (are you sure he hasn’t got them lying around somewhere ?)

    2k is about right (depending on area) – perhaps it would help if you could include yours in your profile which would make things easier

    1300 miles over 22 years equates to “not a lot” – so you need to find out when it was left sitting (gumming up the carb). No big deal if the present owner has sorted that out, but otherwise expect complications. There are guys here who can walk you through it, but it can be a pain in the arse – so check its running first (and peer into the tank and pray that it’s clean)

    There is an excellent write up in the tech stickies that is worth going through (before you ride it) - https://www.tw200forum.com/forum/tec...back-life.html

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    Thanks for the info, I bought it for $1800, the tank was nice and clean and I took it for a ride and it ran great but the tires are old but no dry rot. The chain needs lubed and it does need an oil change so that will be my weekend project. 351B3673-7897-43A1-AD01-0F24A7D8A3AA.jpeg
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    Looks like a good deal. As long as your happy, that's all that matters.
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    Dry rot and cracked is not at all the issue with old tires but hardened rubber that has no traction on pavement is. If you are ONLY riding trails then I guess you can keep the hard rubber but be careful on rocks. If you are road riding then change the tires now no matter how great they look. You won't look real great with road rash so it is not worth it to chance.

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    Sounds like a score, congrats. Digging the color scheme.
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