Wow an Electric motorcycle!
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Thread: Wow an Electric motorcycle!

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    Wow an Electric motorcycle!

    So I have only had my TW for about 5 days now and I've begun to notice a common question/ confusion about it with others.

    When I first picked it up I sent some photos to my younger cousin who is into motorcycles and he immediately asked me if it really was Electric (due to the Electric sticker on the side plastics) I figured he was just being a goober and didn't think much of it after I explained it just meant electric start.

    Yesterday I had 2 different people make the same comment. "Wow! An electric motorcycle thats awesome" Followed by my awkward electric start explanation.

    Anyone else with the older Electric stickered TW's have these encounters?

    Maybe I need to have a "NOT" sticker made up and place it in front of the electric decal lol...

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    Sounds to me these are the kinda people that are not mechanically inclined.
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    I'd go with it. Tell them you have a recording under the seat that makes it sound like it has a gas engine with shift points.

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    wow times have changed I think we have real reason to worry about the millennials OMFG
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    I have had the same experience but usually once I point out the spark plug with a quick explanation about how it means "electric starter" the topic is dropped.

    I did have some bogus "ELECTRIC" stickers printed for a truer, more realistic picture of what a natural TW should look like.

    Cut out with a sharp razor blade and covered with clear coat:

    Going from blue to yellow. See the real electric decal on the TW behind the yellow one?
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    Yet another reason to peel stickers off your motorcycle!
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    I think my 93 has them but it has rarely been spoken of. I ran my motorcycle on a lawnmower gas tank before. When gas was nearly $5.00 bucks a gallon I was tempted to run hoses with a bubbler and some blinking lights on a 5 gallon water bottle in place of the gas tank just to mess with people while running off the little lawn mower tank.
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    Different sticker for different times. Lots of other bikes had that sticker too shouting out "hey, I'm modern, not just a kick-starter". Seems pretty funny nowadays.
    Keep the sticker. I think it's cool.
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    I'd tell these knuckleheads "YUP, it's electric and gets about 75 miles per gallon of gas after I push the Electric button"!

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    lol yeah definite sign of the times...

    Interesting how 20 years ago the thought of an electric motorcycle would never have crossed anyones mind.

    Definitely keeping all the stickers on the bike! One of the reasons I love mine with the 90's graphics!
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