Smart Phone Mounts for the TW
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Thread: Smart Phone Mounts for the TW

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    Smart Phone Mounts for the TW

    I'm actually going to get a smart phone! Being more of a K.I.S.S. type of guy and, this is a big step into the tech world. I plan on using a GPS app and want to hold the phone securely on the bars. I'm already using a RAM mount for my eTex 10, are the RAM mounts they have for smart phones a good choice or is there something better? I'm a little concerned about the vibes killing the phone prematurely, is this a valid concern? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I did a cheapo ram mount from Amazon for my iPhone. Phones are so rediculously expensive, I get your concern. I’ve never had a problem with mine and I’m in heavy pothole territory. You could add the protection plan for your phone through your provider. If it breaks, they replace it with a refurbished phone, but you pay a deductible. Some think the protection plans are something of a ripoff. Unless you have teenage kids.
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    I did an expensive mount by Hondo Garage called the Perfect Squeeze. I feel it's the best one out and the last one you'll buy, until phones become too big to fit it. It takes a little to move it between bikes, but that's not a problem for me. All machined aluminum and stainless, no plastic. There's a promo code on the advrider web site if you do a search through some phone mount threads.

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    I too have the perfect squeeze, I don't think you can buy a better quality mount anywhere. But I use a cheap used kyocera rugged smart phone, from ebay just for map apps. I sure like the way it works.

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    If the Perfect Squeeze passes the Moab test, I'd say it's a go flight.
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    Not being one to trust the mounts that leave the phone out in the open and at the mercy of vibration and the elements, I went with one of these. It's pretty decent and cheap enough.

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    I use this Ram X to hold my IPhone 8 on both of my TWs, but they are not perfect. First off they work perfect to keep your smart phone in sight and readily accessible.


    Here’s what I learned the hard way. You must use the tether for added security because the wind behind the phone can blow it off the mount which happened to me at 70 MPH.
    When you receive and install the mount make sure you use the super glue in the kit to secure the feet. My original Ram X didn’t come with super glue and I lost one of my rubber feet.
    I haven’t figured out a solution for when it’s raining. I tried yesterday putting my iPhone in a plastic sandwich bag but that didn’t work.
    I rode 42 miles yesterday in the pouring rain and I needed my GPS to get to my destination. I wanted to take all backroads and since I had to put my phone in my pocked I couldn’t access it everytime my GPS said “There is a faster route, do you want to ignore, press Ignore ’. Of course I couldn’t get to my phone so I had to stop three times to change back to the backroad route.
    My Ram X has rocked out Green Ridge every year so as far as vibration I think it passes that test.

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    Perfect Squeeze Off-Road Phone Mount -only $122.49 but it comes with free shipping.
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    The RAM Quick-Grip on the DR is my favorite so far.

    I have a X Grip that lost a phone on a very rough road. They didn't have the rubber band when I bought it. It sits on the parts shelf.

    I have a Techgripper on my NCX. It's just ok though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Perfect Squeeze Off-Road Phone Mount -only $122.49 but it comes with free shipping.
    I admit it's pricey, but some of these phones are priced up close to a $1000. now.
    I lost a phone last year. That's when I thought an expensive mount might be worth it. I've since decided not to use an expensive phone on the bikes.
    But I now use a cheap rugged kyocera phone just for navigation, so if I do lose it I'm only out about $30. And these phones can take getting rained on, or even a dunking underwater, not to mention a drop doesn't seem to hurt at all.
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