Having trouble with a replacement key?
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Thread: Having trouble with a replacement key?

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    Having trouble with a replacement key?

    So I just spent the last week or so trying to get a spare key for my '99 TW. It only came with 1 factory key, and I am paranoid about losing it.

    Went to a couple of local hardware stores/ locksmiths and they did not have the correct blanks. So I went to my local Yamaha dealer and after some back and forth they were able to order me a factory blank. It wasn't showing up in the computer parts diagram so they had to call Yamaha to get a part number. (90890-55815)

    Took it to a locksmith to be cut using my original key and it works great!

    Also love the fact that it is stamped Yamaha (yeah I'm that particular lol)

    Also funny to note that Yamaha key blanks are carcinogenic according to the state of CA.

    Just wanted to share the part number if anyone else is interested in getting a factory key for their bike:

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    I wanted spare keys for both bikes. I finally found a reference for the different styles, match up cross section or key number and do a quick search. Take key blanks to store and had new ones cut.

    Yamaha key blank.jpg

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    I've never had luck getting MC key blanks at hardware/big box stores but there's a local locksmith shop I go to, they've always had a suitable blank and the key always works on the first try. Local shop charged $1 for the blank and $5 to cut it.
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    same situation I had. Home Depot couldn't help me, but Ace Hardware fixed me right up.

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    Ace is the place. Generic looking rubber coated blank but works just fine.
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    Thanks fred i would love to visit ace and ignore hiring locksmith near me.

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    I had good luck with getting keys cut through ebay locksmith. As long as you have the keycode year etc. for your bike the guy can bust them out and get them to your door for 10 a key in less than a week. I’ve never had to use my spares yet but spending a lot of time in the water and trapsing around the jungle I feel more relaxed knowing if the key in my shorts goes missing I’m not completely screwed 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Ace is the place. Generic looking rubber coated blank but works just fine.
    I don't think so it's the only place to go. I recommend to visit locksmith near is also a good option.
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    "Ace is the place" is a quote of their advertising tag line.
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    There is a seller on Ebay who lists the blanks by the number code on your original key and sells a pair of blanks for $8.95. Ilco makes blanks for every year TW if you know the year code. My local ACE had the blank for my TW hanging on his rack and I got 2 keys cut for under $5. The one thing that does matter when you go to either a big box store or an ACE is getting an employee in the key cutting area who knows what he/she is doing. At the Home Depot I always find the person working that area is a fill in from some other specialty section in the store and has no real knowledge of keys and cutting them. At the ACE I usually find the right person who knows their stuff.

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