2015 TW issues?
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Thread: 2015 TW issues?

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    2015 TW issues?

    I found an ad for a 2015 TW200 with less than 350 miles on it for $3500. Question I have is
    1)Is that a good deal
    2)What should be looking for should I get to see it.

    He is probably 3+ hours away. Said tires still has nibs on them. Looks like it has been stored indoors. Hoping to hear back from him soon as to whether it is still available.
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    Deal? Depends on location. In my area it would be. Years 2001 and beyond are basically the same except for colors. If you like what you see, and you can part with the money with a smile on your face, then go for it. Good luck!
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    Sounds like it could be a good deal.

    2015 has nothing special to look out for but knowing how TWs often get sold the wrong oil filter I'd be very thorough and make sure you have someone with you that knows bikes and even better TWs. With that low of mileage it may have had a bad break in or has been neglected for a few years. Look for compression, and smoke out the muffler on start up as well as higher RPMs. Also make sure to test drive it. If it looks clean that is a good sign but can be misleading. Temperature changes in humid condition can cause condensation and corrosion that's not always easy to spot. If it was inside in a dry warm building then even better. Chances are good that it's a good find but be very skeptical of used bikes.

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    I picked up a 2015 with 728 kms last year for $3000 which I think was a super deal especially in CDN $. If it sounds good I would not worry to much about it but ya I checked the oil filter when I got home just to be sure.
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    Buy it, change the oil and ride the snot out of it! Also check the usual stuff like chain tension and tire pressure.
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    nothing to worry about any TW with under 1000 miles is nearly impossible to hurt and 350 miles is nothing you'll put a good battery with tender on it and replace the pilot jet, carb bowl O-ring and clean the carb and it will be ready for 40,000 miles of frolicking fun

    Yah and Gary's right the tires will need the proper air pressure they are usually low on a no miler unless the owner noticed "heavy" steering in which case they are prolly over inflated lol

    A TW cannot be ridden hard enough to hurt the motor with 360 miles and stock and I'm not a believer in break in rules on itsty bitsy toy motors like TW's in fact my fav engine builder said the best break in is ride it like you plan to ride it which basically tells you what he thinks of "break in" rituals

    The break in wives tales were thick back in the 1970's so anybody raised during those times probaly still believes them
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    Thanks guys, I am also trying to contact a guy that has. 2017 with less than 150 miles on it. Like the blue color better that the 2015. WIll keep you posted.

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