I have been giving them away !
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Thread: I have been giving them away !

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    Senior Member excalibur's Avatar
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    I have been giving them away !

    Due to current health issues the wife and I are having, I pretty much came to the conclusion to reduce the # of bikes I had on hand.

    This is in preparation of possibly having to move from our log home and acreage as well as my 72' long shop, into town, where hopefully I'll end up with at least a large enough garage and possibly a fair sized back yard storage / tool shed or a carport to keep the remainder high and dry.

    Just this past weekend I took 4 1971 &72 Honda trail 90"s in various stages of repair, as well as a RT 125 Huysong Dual Sport back to my home town of Ephrata WA. and gifted them to 3 family members who seemed happy to have them...

    These joined a 1984 CT 110 and Suzuki DR 400 which I had given away also to family members in the same general location back in August.

    I now only have 2 Honda CT 90's, as well as my 2010 T-dub, the new 2017 Softail Slim and the old Suzuki 500 4x4 Quad. I must say that it's sure nice to be able to walk around in my shop and actually see the floor.

    I should maybe also mention the 26' Motorhome I gifted a neighbor and the 1966 2 door Dodge Coronet 500 with 37,000 original miles ( my mom and dad bought new back then ) which I also gave to a pretty lucky brother. I have also sold off the Ski boat ( the kids and grand kids seem to have forgotten ), and that Beautiful 2014 Triumph America I seemed to never find time for now that the HD has droppped in to live here.

    I heartly encourage all who may still smoke, to stop when your time is right or when you can find help and encouragement to do so.

    I know now that for me it should have been back 40-50 years ago. I would also suggest you encourage or possibly even resort to a bribe ( if called for ) to help keep your kids and grand kids from exploring that habit.

    COPD and Lung Cancer are definately no joke.

    I have been given possibly as much as 3-4 more years with the ammino-suppressant drugs I'm currently taking thru the VA....

    I have gotten out and rode either the T-dub (as it's so light and easy to handle ) or the HD nearly every day the sunshine and chemo effects have allowed me to do so this summer.

    I plan on never giving in or giving up. . I mentioned to the wife that if " push comes to shove " ( strength, heath, or money wise ) that I want the T-dub to be the last one out the door as I'll be able to enjoy it and the quad the longest.

    excalibur aka: Gene C.
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    Pretty sad post but just like me you knew all along the bad habits have a way of catching up to all of us. Best of luck with your medical issues and wish you well. On a brighter note it is good you have family to give your stuff to and I do hope they appreciate your generosity. I will be in similar shape in the not too distant future and have no family left so I have begun the chore of liquidating a lot of my stuff on CL. It becomes more and more apparent as I get older that none of us are getting out of here alive so just go live and enjoy the things that make us happy. We have a number of long time members dealing with serious health issues but we all still enjoy our hobby of bikes and the TW. I still wish I could ride but in all honesty a 30 minute cruise causes me 3 days of pain and suffering so I have to just go fishing or into the woods hunting and walking the dog. Low impact is the way I must fly these days.

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    Dealing with illnesses with dignity, realism, and independence is an art form worth pursuing. You seem to be doing a great job and have our support. Being able to take an active hand in how you transition objects, activities, and life styles is a commendable endeavor as well. You are passing on the affection you have for some of the things you are distributing and keeping them from the junk pile or total neglect. Best wishes in the move. We all can take notice of your words and deeds.
    Tom - TW200 2002, Kawasaki VN 500 2006

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    Senior Member stagewex's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    New Rochelle, New York
    Great attitude.
    May we all enjoy life to the fullest no matter what the known or unknown time-clock says.
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    Senior Member Miaugi's Avatar
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    On the one hand I am saddened by the updates above and I wish everyone who is in ill health all the very best moving forward. On the other hand I applaud the courage and determination being shared and I can only hope I can be as strong and as determined as my future self may very well find me in the same situation. I have always maintained we are all born to die but it's what we do and how we treat others that sets us apart. Godspeed to all!
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    Senior Member Maxpower's Avatar
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    Waretown NJ
    You are a good man.I hope you know what a great thing you are doing. I had a good friend that denied his certain illness until the end. He left his possessions for his loved ones to fight and bicker over . Which was more sad than his passing itself
    87 TW

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    Senior Member EatElk's Avatar
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    Boise, Idaho

    Best wishes to you. Hang in there, keep positive and enjoy every day riding that TW! 🙂

    Happy Trails~ Dave

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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    Montesano, Washington
    Is a good thing to put a smile on your loved ones now knowing your health issues. I applaud you. Is a reminder to all of us getting toward our final resting place. Is something I need to start doing myself.

    Thank you for being so forthright with us. Hope to ride with you soon.

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Bless you Gene. Admirable attitude.
    Even though Federal Estate Taxes has been raised to shelter up to 11 million( 5.5 per partner) it still makes sense to establish any Living Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney as well as doing early bequeathals before one's awareness of one's own mortality makes letting go seem fatalistic and so thoroughly depressing that nothing gets done until too late. Better to see the joy on their faces now than getting bitter later anticipating possible greed.
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    Junior Member Flyinspanner's Avatar
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    Oh my,

    Sad to hear of your illness but I salute your fortitude, and dignity in dealing with it.
    Wishing you strength, and health to get lots more rides under your belt.
    Best wishes

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