New potential buyer needs help with choice
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Thread: New potential buyer needs help with choice

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    New potential buyer needs help with choice

    Hi everyone, wonder if you could help me please. I am seriously considering buying a new TW200 but I am concerned as part of the regular riding will be in traffic that flows at about 100kph (60 mph.) My question is, will I be able to maintain this speed with moderate hills and against winds. Also, we live in Canada so just wondered how is this guy performs, starting in colder weather (temps +5 Celsius or 40's Fahrenheit.)

    Thank you for your help.


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    I would suggest a gear change for those speeds. It will do it, but its not made for that. A bigger bike would be my suggestion.
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    Hi Chris – welcome to the board

    We have a few Canadian members who will chime in on this – but I’m happy to get the ball rolling in the meantime …..

    55 to 65mph is the top range of the bike on hills and in winds, and those speeds, there’s “not a lot left” for the bike to give you. You can play with the rear sprocket teeth count of course, but you’ll lose out on the hills. If you’d have said 50mph, I would have replied positively – if you’d have said 70mph, I’d have said forget it

    The temperature you are riding in is fine, just look after your battery or get a kick starter.

    “The usual suspects” will be along later, so sit tight and let’s hear what they have to say ….
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    Thanks for the quick reply and I will stand by for the pundits - I guess I should have added that the 60 mph is not for prolonged periods (1/2 hr approx.) the majority of traveling will be on back roads - what we call here gravel runs. That is why this bike looks the fit. Also I just read that the TW was the first motorcycle to reach the North Pole. LOL. So I guess that answers the cold weather bit as far endurance. Amazing what you can find on the internet. What did we do before it

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    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum from east of Ottawa! For the most part the TW is a well liked bike across a broad range of riders, places and ages. Currently my '06 has stock gearing and I weigh in at ~240, on the flats I've seen it nipping at 110 but without a back wind or going down a incline an honest 110 seems just out of reach. Many members have installed taller gearing to achieve better top end however over the winter I am going to lower the gearing somewhat by installing a 52T rear sprocket in place of the standard 50T. I know this will give me a little more grunt down low but I am also hoping it will improve the top end some what as well by allowing the engine to rev a little higher but whether this will be the case is yet to be seen. FYI this is a great time to buy a 2018 as some dealer will let them go for as much as a grand under what they sell them for in the spring and summer. Good luck.
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    Honestly, you'll be a traffic hazard. Playing with the gearing isn't going to help much as the bike simply doesn't have the power to pull it. It isn't a road bike. You really need a good demo ride to find out for yourself before you buy.
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    I went with a 15 tooth front sprocket and my TW can cruise all day at 60mph(if I wanted to)and still has plenty of power for hills. As far as cold weather performance, there are a lot of post here about carb tuning that definitely help. I haven't run mine in real cold weather yet but I don't even need to use my choke for starting after some pretty basic carb work.
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    I just went for my first highway ride on my 2018 TW. Honestly I wouldn't want to ride on the highway for more than 10kms at most. Anything over 80km/hr you get a pretty bad vibration because the rpms are so high but that is to be expected for most single cylinder bikes. A bike with a 6 speed would help with this. I just sold my crf250L and while it wasn't perfect, it was a much better multipurpose bike. In my opinion the TW is best suited for under 80km/hr with short stints up to 100km/hr. Sounds like a wr250r would suit your needs better. I've heard they are a very smooth bike at highway speeds.
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    The WR250r is an immensely more sophisticated motorcycle. A lot of motorcycle technological evolution in the last 30 years has never made it to the TW, things like stout long travel suspensions, fuel injection, conventional sized tires and rims, readily available aftermarket parts, etc. That's what we give up in order to have those fat tires.
    The WR is not really interchangeable nor comparable with the TW. While both are good bikes they seem different tools for different jobs to me. However neither falls flat on it's face attempting to operate in the other's area of expertise. TW seems a little slow wound out in fifth gear on the highway and the WR doesn't give quite the relaxed flat footed slow trail feel.
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    Around here if the speed limit is 55 MPH the drivers are more likely to be doing 70. 55 MPH is certainly do able on a TW but 70 MPH is not. If your desire is to buy a bike for mostly road and highway riding then pick some other model. If what you want is a bike capable of some great off road trails with a little on road duty then the TW will work but you will be working it at the very top of it's abilities for 60-65 MPH.

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