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Thread: TW-200 or ?

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    TW-200 or ?

    I've been actively searching for a Tw-200, to the point of making a deal on one but fell through when the owner wouldn't take a cashiers check drawn on a bank just a few blocks from his house and I was willing to go to the bank with him so he could cash the check. He wanted cash and I backed out of the deal, there had to be a reason he didn't want a paper trail on the sale. Well some things have come up, I bought a new home and relocated halfway across the country so kind of stopped the search until my old home is sold and will be missing most of this hunting season.

    The Tw 200 was to be used for coyote hunting, traveling out from base camp. My concerns about the Tw-200 was long rides on pavement to reach hunting areas and the small fuel capacity, I was going to go with spare fuel containers to supplement.

    My dilemma, since my initial search for a mechanical mule to hunt off of I've come across the RE Himalaya, a little heavier, same fuel economy, more hiway friendly, larger fuel capacity and more than capable to run dirt roads and two tracts(most of the land I hunt vehicles can't be taken off existing/established roads although many are in very rough shape) and is fitted with accessories I'd have to add on the Tw..

    What am I seeing that might be a mistake going with the RE (I have a dealer in the adjacent town).


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    Just sacrificing reliability and some off road performance. The pluses might be worth it for you, only you can say. That RE is a good looking steed for sure.

    Concerning your TW purchase that fell through, there are a lot of guys who will only accept cash, and it’s hard to blame them with so many scams going on. If you’re going to seriously shop for a TW, you pretty much need to have the cash on hand, ready to jump at a good deal. Good luck!

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    why didn't you go with cash in your pocket? In no way am I saying you were trying to scam the seller, but I can't fault anyone for wanting only cash.
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    Royal Enfield (new era) have a good rep and the moto-mags have been kind to them. And RE is buying Ducati, not that it really matters, except maybe to demonstrate how serious they are in being a major player in moto-world.
    That said, I doubt if anything would match the TW for stone-ax reliability & toughness...and there are a LOT more dealers & larger aftermarket.
    Just out of curiosity, why do you hunt coyotes?
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    What a neat only concerns would be access to a dealer for potential warranty problems....cost ??…..but the deal breaker for me would be the about 430 pounds ...that would be to much for a old fart like me to handle …..the TW at 280 is to much for me, but I try to stay upright ...

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    I was about to buy an RE Himalayan,but after I found out that ther early ones had many,many reliability issues I changed my mind.
    It also seems than even Royal Enfield doesn't trust Himalayan if you read the service schedule.
    The following need to be REPLACED(Copied from official owner manual):
    Rubber hose, Inlet manifold every 6200 miles
    Oil cooler inlet & outlet pipes every 9300 miles
    Seal Ring every 9300 miles
    Accelerator Cable every 6200 miles
    Rubber Hose, Air fitler to Throttle body every 6200 miles
    PAV pipes & Hose clip every 15500 miles
    Clutch cable every 6200 miles
    Fuel Pipe every 6200 miles
    Rear Suspension Linkage every 9300 miles
    Rear wheel cush drive rubbers every 6200 miles
    and more......

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    I agree no cash, no bike. NO I'm not going to your bank to get the cash YOU should have just brought in the first place. You'll be signing a paper saying bought "as is where is, no warranty implied". The paper trail does what??
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    I don't mind buying or selling for cash..... but I will only do it at bank or a dealership....if I am dealing with a individual I do not know for a substantial amount of money....

    I want to be in a safe and neutral environment..... where buyer and seller witness a employee of the bank count the money …...and witnesses the exchange of the money , the keys, the vehicle with the correct vin... and the clear matching title...... and no one leaves once the transaction has started till it is done....

    I have done that dozens of times with absolutely no problems...better safe than sorry,

    The paper trail will prove ownership when you (or the dealer) transfer the title and license and register the vehicle. You will need to prove when the sale was made, the purchase price, any sales tax, a mileage statement....a bill of sale or proof of sale etc..if you insure it, they will also want the paper trail...

    If you have a transaction of more than $10,000 the bank is required to report that under the Bank Secrecy act...a law intended to prevent money laundering.

    Say you have a transaction of $75, 000...... you may get a visit or a letter asking you to explain where you got the money and what you did with it.. in that case...a paper trail will save you a lot of time and trouble .
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    Cash is king, and yes, scams are out there with fraudulent cashier checks. For lower value (say, maybe $2500 or less) transactions I don't mind cash trading hands in someone's driveway. For higher value, I've done it in cash but generally prefer to do it at a neutral location (i.e bank). This assures both parties protection against fraud, bill of sales can easily be notarized which a lot of states require anyway, and if the buyer is taking a loan (or seller has a loan and thus lien on the title), those issues can be addressed all in one go. It's really quite painless. Way better option than handing a seller cash with a "pinky promise" they'll use that money to pay off the loan, get the lien release letter, and mail it to you in a few weeks instead of spending it all on hookers and blow.
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    The seller had a signed second party title, it wasn't in his name and his adult son was showing the bike and agreed to a cashiers check. When I showed up with the cashiers check drawn on HIS bank he wouldn't except it, not even when I offered to go to HIS bank so he could cash it. Sorry I don't walk in to a strangers home with thousands of dollars of cash, I don't care how good a deal it was.

    I hunt coyotes for pelts and I do ADC work for ranchers.

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