Hello - Intro Post - New to me 2010 TW - It's a little different.
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Thread: Hello - Intro Post - New to me 2010 TW - It's a little different.

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    Hello - Intro Post - New to me 2010 TW - It's a little different.


    This is just an intro post for me. I just picked up a used/new-to-me 2010 TW200. Has 2300 miles on it and it is in really clean and barely used condition. It is a little unconventional, as it has a 1998 tank on it. Not sure why or maybe if just graphics were changed. Although, it seems the decals are below the clear coat, so I don't know. It has aftermarket chain and sprocket. I do also have the original that I may try at some point depending on how I like the feel. It has Moose handguards but the rest looks pretty stock. Matching VIN and clear title so I do know it is a 2010 despite the tank. I plan on getting a cyclerack and a better skid plate, but that is probably about it. Anyhow, here it is. Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. always welcome. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Looks mighty fine to me. The white tank complements the white plastic in my opinion. I always like the black rims and black engine look of some model years. Sounds like a good find.
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    Hey Sthrnromr...welcome to the Forum.
    Cool lookin'/ bike!
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    I think it's actually a '97 tank, but goes well with your plastics. Congrats and welcome!
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    Welcome aboard ! I also have a 2010 and love it. Your list of goodies looks very good but you may want to include a set of larger foot pegs as they make handling oh so much better when you know where your feet are firmly placed.
    Placerload, here on the forum has many of the parts on your list( usually on hand ) I got my great quality thicker and somewhat oversive aluminum skid plate and DMO foot pegs thru him.

    This TW thing can, if not carefull, tend to get out of control and spendy if you loose control... Don't ask me how I came up with with that little Jewell of advise.
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    Welcome to you from NY.
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    Nice looking bike! Welcome, these guys know a lot and I have found them extremely helpful. As Excalibur said, modifications are pretty much endless... Enjoy!
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    Welcome from Ontario and congrats on the new ride!
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    Welcome to TW world. I am also new to this group! I have a 97 with the same fuel tank as you. Pretty bike enjoy !!

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