Electric bicycle the cats meow
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Thread: Electric bicycle the cats meow

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    Electric bicycle the cats meow

    Rode my first electric bicycle the other day. Totally blew my mind! Ha. Crank the pedals a couple of times and off you go, must hang on. Such power and speed, it's hard to believe. That rhymes. Sue was tickled pink with the experience. It was very fun. It was so quite and fast. Price tag of $2,500. Ouch.

    I was talking with the bike mechanic, competitive cyclist, and friend. He doesn't like the fact that it's so easy. Takes the work and exercise out of cycling. He does have a rational point. I agree the bicycle is for those that have a disability that prevents them from strenuous exercise. That disabled person can now ride a bike. It's got to be funny to see an old worn out semi disabled person kick butt on a athlete cyclist from a stop light! Ha. If you have been a cyclist in the past and given it up due to some handicaps you can now reconsider. Great expirence! Dirts a Flyen SanDue

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    Better behave Dan, Betty Boop may not want to play with you folks anymore if you have pedals. betty-boop-f12-9.gif
    2003 TW200 "Betty Boop"
    2006 TW200 "Nibbler", a.k.a. “Mr.Gizmo"
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    Hey, Dan. They are really fun! I've had a fold up electric for about 5 years. Think it was about $2000 back then. I use it to go to the local sports bar for the most part. On way back home I just put it in cruise control and it automatically rides me back home. I have taken it on a few 50 mile treks to breweries in the area. It was a fricken workout. was sooooo exhausted when I got home. Both times the battery pooped out a few miles from woodland and had to pedal heavy ass bike back (once was against a really strong wind). They range from about $600 on up. Can spend thousands on full suspension 2wd if your heart desires....I think a lot of people are using electrics for work commute. Don't need to sweat on way to work and beat traffic. on way home can get whatever workout your heart desires cuz who cares If your a sweaty mess when you get home....shower time! ...
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    Haibike Full FatSix: Son of Yamaha TW200

    Here's my Yamaha powered Haibike Full FatSix fat tired, dual suspension fat tired ebike. It's a Class 1, mid-drive ebike, Class 1 meaning that it is capable of 20 mph pedal assistance with no throttle; mid drive meaning the motor is placed down at the bottom bracket location, putting the weight down low for more balance. The tires are Schwalbe Jumbo Jims, 26 inches diameter, 4 inches wide, making this a "fat bike". Around home riding areas on the nearby canal towpaths, I'll run tire pressures at near 30 psi for ease of pedaling. In the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Wharton State Forest, I'll take the tire pressures down anywhere from 12 to 6 psi to float on the sugar sand roads with ease.

    Though I've always wanted at TW200 (and that day will eventually come), this fat tired ebike can pretty much take me to most places a TW can go off road with the exception of fording water and puddles (for obvious reasons! ) and then some as the Delaware and Raritan Canal system as well as the nearby Delaware and Lehigh Canal system across the river in PA can provide nearly 200 miles of easy towpath riding.

    Being pedal assist is not a free ride, in order for the motor to provide assistance, you have to pedal the bike. And Yamaha has given me several power options to choose, HIGH for full assistance and up to 43 miles of range on the 400wh battery, STANDARD assistance and up to 53 miles of battery assistance, ECO for near 85 miles and ECO+ for 105 miles of range. The last two power settings feel more like what the bike represents with no power assistance, a heavy, 52 pound bike. Last summer, using a combination of various power settings, I was able to pull off a 95 mile run on the canal towpaths, with some 18% power remaining in the battery at runs end!

    Bosch is a major player in the Ebike motor field and Yamaha is a close competitor, coming out with more manufacturer's powered by the Yamaha drive system. The Yamaha is pretty much the most economical of all the drive systems, delivering higher mileages per battery charge. My Full FatSix is coming up on 5700 miles run on the bike since I started riding it early spring of 2017 and I've not had one single problem with the drive system.

    I'm slowly setting my bike up for self sustained touring, using some high end German made, waterproof bags (panniers in bike-speak) made by Ortlieb, fitted on front and rear racks (still awaiting purchase of the rear rack). Then I can carry my camping gear with me as there are some nice NJ state run camps deep in the NJ Pine Barrens that can be reached by the FatSix!

    Last month, I dumped my tire tubes for a tubeless set up. This is done by sealing the rim spokes inside the rim with flashing tape, then setting the tire bead onto the rim and filling the tire with tire sealant made especially for this setup. Small thorns then can be sealed via that sealant. But just in case, I picked up a neat tire plugging system made by DynaPlug.

    The cost of this bike is prohibitive. Had I paid full price for this bike, I could have had a 2018 TW200 and about 600 bucks left over for racks and other goodies. But shop at the end of the summer season or in the dead of winter like I did and you can find closeout deals a heck of a lot cheaper. Before this bike, I had another fat tired bike, a Specialized Fatboy. Since getting Son of Yamaha TW200, I really can't seem to hop back on the Fatboy.... It's the most fun I've ever had riding a bicycle....ever. Below are some pictures of the Haibike Full FatSix...powered by Yamaha...

    Hope this helps a little. I always lurked around this thread as this is the TW200 is the motorcycle to own. But what I especially like is how nice the folks seem to treat each other here. Kinda tells me that TW people are good people!


    Full FatSix at Quaker Bridge, Batsto River, Wharton State Forest, NJ Pine Barrens
    At Duck Island Generating Plant, a frozen Delaware River
    At Milford, NJ on the D&R Canal Towpath, mile 47 of my 95 mile run on the Full FatSix...
    Yamaha PW motor....36 volt, 400 watt hour battery, 250 watt motor with up to 80 nm of torque
    Display for the Haibike Full FatSix. It reads the time, odometer, motor power setting, pedal rpm, battery pct remaining, a battery graph of how much power is in the battery. I guess the only thing it will not do is read ambient air temperature.

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    My X-treme X-cursion was only about $800 list and can be had for around $650.

    It is a mountain bike and it folds. Its heavy and it has pedal-assist. But, the pedal-assist can be turned off. I like to pedal while I can but its sure nice to know i can twist the throttle for power when I need it.

    I love my ebike but admittedly don’t ride it much since I bought my TDub!
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    Welcome to the forum, Towpath!

    That's a really cool setup, and it looks like loads of fun!
    Now I must hurry on... for there they go, and I am their leader!

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    Great looking ride Mike Towpath Traveler! I owned an sweet A2B electric bike for 2 summers and although many e-bikes have a pedal assist only power supply mine did not need pedal assist for a boost just a twist the throttle to get some juice to the ground. The electric motor on mine was in the rear hub and as I recall it was a 400W (it may have been just a 300W?) but still went well but it just wasn't enough excitement for me to hang onto it. Although who knows down the road I still might revisit getting another one.
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    Thanks, guys! Yamaha itself has gotten into the ebike game, this past spring. They will not be sold in motorcycle shops, rather local bicycle dealers. A lot of bicycle fans have been disappointed with the initial effort as there is no dual suspension mountain bike in the lineup, but I say give it time to see how it shakes out. Haibike still remains the only Yamaha powered dual suspension fatbike on the market, I believe.

    Anyway, appreciate the kind words and greetings!

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    Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 3.12.25 PM.png
    this sexy beast looks great... and is about $2k more than a new tdub! must be nice....

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    I wish that I'd had the cash to go electric when I did this motorized bike build. If I had, I'd probably still have it.

    New iPhone Pics 274.JPG

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