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Thread: Day Trippin'...

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    Day Trippin'...

    What is the most miles you have traveled in one day at slow highway speeds...(50-55 mph)...? i need to go about 200 miles in one long day and am wondering have difficult it would be on a TW200... Luckily at this time I still have a 44T rear sprocket so I might be able to make it.
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    You should be able to make it OK if you don't have too many headwinds or mountains to climb. When I was MUCH younger and in the Navy, I used to get off work Friday at 5 pm (Treasure Island, San Francisco) and drive to San Diego, visit family and friends, hop back on the bike and be back for Monday morning 7 am muster. I did it many times, it was over 500 miles and I was riding Honda CB 350's and CB 750's. Now days, I can only make it about a hour in the saddle...
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    To put it simply just do it. Pack a thermos full of coffee and stop frequently. I would stay off the interstates and just enjoy the scenery. I have done 200 mile days several times with no problem. If you get your mind right the seat comfort and lack of horsepower will remain manageable.

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    What they said ^.
    I had a 190 mile or so day touring Yosemite from a camp high above Mono Lake but took many relaxing breaks so it was not strenuous nor monotonous.
    You should do OK especially if not pressured by time...take a break every hour or so, walk around, take off the helmet,air out your gear and mind.
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    The only thing that will suffer is your arse on the stock seat - other than than that, you'll be fine .......
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    Fort Campbell to Memphis on mine. Damn what a helluva trip
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    A little more or less than 200 miles on pavement 2 years ago. Out to breakfast with 2 friends during Americade up by Lake Sacandaga, NY. They wanted to ride to Old (or is it Olde) Forge. About 100 miles. I wished them well but somehow they talked me into going, pushing behind me the whole way. BMW r1200rt & a Yammy FZ1. I did 60 to 70mph the whole way, 47T sprocket on the rear. Surprised even me. But I wouldn't do that again. The bike was up for it but other bikes do that much better.
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    I rode 250 miles in one day to northern MN on the TW on 55 - 60 mph roads, it was fun and gave me a sense of accomplishment of riding a 12 h.p bike. Don't underestimate the mighty TW.

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    My wife and I rode our TW 128 miles in Mt Rainier National Park one day last summer and it was no big deal, although I was really glad I had an extra gallon of gas with us to avoid sweating the last few miles. Before that little adventure, I had upgraded the front sprocket to a 15 (from a stock 14) and have an FMF Power Core exhaust and K&N air filter. Riding 200 miles solo should be very doable as long as you can get fuel (or carry enough extra) and stop every 35 - 75 miles to relieve your butt. We are not super hard core-either; even riding our Dyna or Road King, we stop every 75 - 100 miles.
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