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    Hello, I just got a 2005 tee dub, I’m looking for tail rack and front rack along with bigger pegs and handlebar risers. I’d be grateful for brand suggestions, both for the good and stuff to stay away from. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum. I only have the Yamaha rear rack. Doesn’t handle a lot of weight, but it’s all I need. If you have a lot of gear, you want one that attaches to the frame. Someone with experience will chime in I’m sure. I got the cheap Krator pegs from Amazon. Maybe not the strongest out there, but more than adequate for me. Best bang for the buck to get rid of those kiddie pegs. You’ll find yourself scraping pegs in the corners though (just joking). I splurged on the Rox risers with anti vibration bushings. Nice to be able to get a more comfortable riding position that suits my riding. The stock bars are pretty bendy. ProTaper and others can help with that.
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    Congrats on the new to you T-Dub from Alfred, Ontario! Due to the design of the rear T-Dub frame most of the rear rack options are not for heavy gear loading but there are several options for racks for lighter duty chores. I can not recommend anything as I'm still looking for one myself. As for pegs and risers there are many options and there are many posts about both if you take the time to search them out. Cheers!
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    Cycleracks and manracks are the 2 most popular rear racks. And the Krator pegs off amazon or ebay are also very popular.
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated, now off to google the stuff👍🏾😁

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    Also, check out tdubskid on YouTube. He has some great diy aftermarket product install videos that may give you some ideas.
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    Cycleracks are pretty beefy. My bike came with a front and a rear rack. I absolutely love them. I just added some wide foot pegs. The install was a snap! I buggered up both cotter pins so had to replace those, and slightly drill out the right side peg for the cinch pin to align. All and all a very easy install.
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