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Thread: Good to visit

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    Good to visit

    Thought I would drop in and was pleased to see Tommie again posting.

    I developed an eye issue, early August, but put another 1,000 miles on my CB1100, then sold it early Sep with 12,523 miles in 10 months.
    Dealer has not yet resold it
    My riding days are over.
    I had hoped to make it to an arbitrary 74, but I did not quite make it to 72.

    My right eye would not move right of center, so unless I looked left or closed an eye, I had double vision.
    The last 1,000 miles was riding with mostly my right eye closed.
    Got into a serious situation passing a truck at the end of a 460 mile extraterrestrial highway ride, when grit got into my open eye and switching eyes was a confusing image.

    In the last month it has mostly recovered, I only get double vision looking extreme right.

    Oh well, had a lot of fun over 55 years and did not crash my last 6 motorcycles.
    Dropping the XT250 three times does NOT count as a crash!

    2003 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLH883-7 Jun 03 at 6K miles.JPG2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Sport-18 Jan 05 .JPG
    2012 Triumph Bonneville, Zion 23 Mar 2013.JPG2017 Yamaha TW200, Alamo Road-17 Jan 2017.jpg
    2016 Moto Guzzi V7II-16 Mar 2017.JPG2018 Yamaha XT250, Red Rock Canyon Loop summit-29 Sep 2017.JPG
    2014 Honda CB1100, 4800 miles-16 weeks.JPG
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    2014 Honda CB1100
    2018 Yamaha XT250
    2016 Moto Guzzi V7 II
    2017 Yamaha TW200
    2012 Triumph Bonneville
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    2003 H-D Sportster 883
    1976 Honda CB750F
    1975 Honda CB360
    1970 Yamaha CT1
    1972 Yamaha CT2
    1972 Yamaha AT2/CT2
    1970 Honda SL350
    1970 Honda CL350
    1967 Honda CL160
    1967 Honda CB160
    1962 Honda CA110

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    Sorry to hear of your issues. Hope you continue to improve.
    And to be honest I hope I get as many wonderful years riding that you have.
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    quite a collection of bikes you've had the privilege and honor of riding over those 55 yrs. congrats!

    my dad just hung up his helmet, at about the same age. it's a bittersweet moment for him and i after riding together for most of my childhood and starting up again about 10 yrs ago. lots of great memories.

    all the best with your next adventures.
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    Thankful for all of my friends!!
    We love ya bro, hang in there and pop in once in a while to say hi!!
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    Sad news SportsterDoc. But better than hearing that failing vision resulted in an accident. Always enjoyed your postings so don't totally disappear on us. Best wishes.
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