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    I just can't stay away from these bikes. Last year, I bought a 98 for no other reason than it was a great deal, and wanted to flip it for a few bucks to finance the mods on my other motorcycles. I did that and cleared $500, but found that I missed and enjoyed the little guy so much that I told myself to stay on the lookout for another good deal on one. Last Friday, one good deal dropped in my lap. ( I hope ) I'm friendly with my UPS guy, who is forever delivering stuff here, is also into bikes, and asks if I'd be interested in another Tdub. I knew he had one as we spoke about it when I had the 98. He said he wanted to sell it for $400, wasn't sure of the year, and it had a title. He hasn't run it for 3 years, so recommended that I drain the gas and clean the carb. I took him at his word and bought it. Turns out to be a 95 with 11000 miles and looks to be in very good shape. ( if it starts ) I think the battery is also shot cause it has been on the trickle charger since Sunday. I was a little concerned about the title, because it was signed by the seller in 2002, ( and he has since passed away ) I got it through the DMV today without a hitch. I really love the utility of these bikes and again look forward to putting it though it hell. Thanks for listening, great to be back! Rubber side down, Dave

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucknutz View Post
    He said he wanted to sell it for $400

    WHAT A DEAL!!! and you still have $100 from the first transaction!
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    Every time I read one of these I get sick to my stomach..... I never find deals like this!!!! My day is coming, I'm gonna find a killer deal I can brag about!!! LOL..

    Congrats on the find, sounds like you might keep this one a while then??? Keep us posted on your mods

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    I think so, If it is as solid as my last one, and I don't think it should be any different. I like to have a beginner bike handy to introduce people to the sport. I like to break new trail in the woods, and I think I would be hard pressed to find something that does it better. (power scouting bowhunting quarry, trout fishing, camping, etc) I have other bikes for other duties. My last one had wider foot pegs and a Duro Powergrip tire on the rear. Those 2 mods are probably on the horizon. Maybe better lights, rear rack, fuel bottle, and a powerlet. For what I will use it for, they come pretty well suited as stock. I always seem to find some reason to modify all my bikes, for some reason or another. Dave

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