Tail bag....
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Thread: Tail bag....

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    Tail bag....

    So, I'm planning on doing a bit more moto-camping on the TW this upcoming year. I have been doing a lot on my WR over the past several years, but that bike is being stolen/hi-jacked/taken over by my son, who has decided to make it his go to adventure bike.....kids!

    I have a Giant Loop Coyote that will be my go to for gear, however I need something a bit smaller for day trips and possibly to hold extra gear in addition to the GL bag on occasions.

    I have been looking and really like the looks of the Nelson Hurricane Tail bag/backpack the smaller 20L version.

    Anyone have any feedback on these, or an alternative tail bag that they use?

    Thanks - Wingnut.
    (hopefully my pic of the unit works as an attachment to this post.....)
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    Check out cyclegear or revzilla. They have tons to choose from. From cheap to not so cheap, depending on your needs. Wolfman luggage and nelson rigg have some nice ones, but many many more in stock.
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    I followed a $7 panniers thread someone did in the forum and used some equestrian bags made by Versa Packs. Also bought a bunch of light weight dry bags and a "saddle horn" bag. Can't wait until weather turns to test things out!
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    This is much smaller than you want, but the bolt mount may be of interest to you in post one

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    I got a smallish "tail trunk" from Chase Harper for everyday running around. It's not huge but plenty to stash gloves, goggles, an extra layer, wallet/phone, toolkit, beer, ect.

    It's an ideal size for the rear Cyclerack and easily bungees on/off. Well made, and it's a semi-soft so it keeps it's shape even when empty. If it's full and you're hammering it off road it tends to bounce around a little with the bungee mount, but they offer it also in a strap/buckle mount variant. More secure but it's not as easy to quickly take on/off.

    I found it for considerably cheaper that the price on their website, shop around.
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    I got a small-ish tail bag, on the Cycle rack you can tie it down anywhere, however I am not where the bike is so I cant tell what brand it is. it has a U zipper opening. wouldn't hold much for camping, but used with the Versa packs it would be handy
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