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Thread: TW200 Insurance Question

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    Question TW200 Insurance Question

    For those of you with newer bikes, what kind of collision, property damage, liability, and medical insurance limits do you carry? I've searched the forum but can't find any information on what is typical.
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    Bodily injury liability $100,000.00
    Property Damage Liability $300,000.00
    Guest Passenger $100,000.00

    Annual premium $60.00

    When a buddy went down hard at the San Rafael Group Ride I took him to the hospital and the hospital's stated intention was to first bill the motorcycle insurance carrier before any personal insurance policy coverage kicked in.
    It took a phone call or two to get the info for the hospital's billing department but the effort likely saved some deductible.
    So carry insurance info for both yourself as well as the TW.
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    The same liability as Fred, plus uninsured motorist, $500 deduct on comp and collision...same as on my truck and car.
    $237 a year with Progressive on my last bike.
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    Same as Fred.

    I think the TW costs 35 bucks a year.
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    I was informed that motorcycles and RV's must have full coverage, you can customize from there. I'm not sure if that goes for all 50 or just Nevada. I pay 250 a year but the TW is new and still being financed, once it is paid off in a few months the premium drops to about 80. I have all the same as above as well, better to cover everything than be surprised later.
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    My coverage also covers my riding gear; helmet, jacket, boots, what ever I am wearing, plus all the upgrades. I pay just under $100 a year. If you've ever crashed a motorcycle, replacing the helmet should be high on the list of stuff to replace. My helmet is an Arai and cost me around $500.
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    My TW is not yet on the road. But a quick check of my insurance company's website tells me it will add $25 to my policy. So between this and my Suzuki Savage I'll be paying $124 for the year.
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    I added my 2010 TW to my existing motorcycle policies and think it added about $20 a year.

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    As always we pay a bit more up north of the border for insurance.

    I pay $300/year full coverage for the TW.

    I had a pretty substantial accident back in 2012 I was riding a Kawasaki Vulcan 500, that I had as a commuter/project bike. Being cheap transport and me being young and unbreakable (so I thought) I opted for the least amount of legal insurance on the bike. But even still never did I pay a dime for my medical care out of pocket, my bills were decided between auto insurance companies (mine and the ladies that hit me) and the Canadian healthcare system. This including all 5 surgeries, 1month of hospital stay. 3-4 months of home nursing to change dressings and service the machine pumping antibiotics into my heart. I was off work for nearly a year and a half but got about %50 of my wages from my work insurance. Finances were real tight by the end, I had blasted through my savings maxed my credit card. BUT I still owned my house and was able to make a near full recovery and return to a fairly labour intensive career being a diesel mechanic. In my case better coverage really would not have offered any benefit BUT my accident was deemed and proven in court to be negligence and careless driving of the lady that hit me. Had I been at fault in any way with the coverage I had I suspect I would have lost my house. As is with everything in my favore it was still way to close to being homeless.

    Point being get the best coverage you can. And hope you NEVER need it and ya wasted that money all those years.
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    I pay about 300 a year for full coverage
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