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Thread: T-Dub Trepidation

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    Post T-Dub Trepidation

    Iím a 64 y/o divorced male who has recently retired after almost 40 years at a company. Iím 6í-1Ē tall, 170#, in good health and pretty good shape as I exercise and work out regularly.

    Iíve owned a couple of dual-sports in my younger life, the most recent about 17 years ago. When I got the last bike, a Suzuki DR350S, I took and passed a MSF rider course. I owned the DR350S for seven years but only rode in nice weather and then not a lot, maybe a few hundred miles annually, mostly around the small town I lived in. Although Iíd originally planned to ride off-road some, I never did. I always rode alone as none of my friends had motorcycles. I sold the bike after getting interested in whitewater kayaking and backpacking and considering that I didnít ride it very much.

    I subsequently developed arthritis in one hip that eventually greatly limited my physical activity. I finally had a hip replacement about a year ago. I had a longer than typical convalescence due to hip socket bone erosion issues caused mainly by my waiting longer than I should have for the replacement. All seems to be well now though, and I feel better and am more active than I have been in a long time.

    Iím again hankering to have a dual-sport, just to putter around town on, in the nearby Nat'l Forest, and perhaps take out West to ride some easy desert trails. Big Bend NP is one of my favorite places and Iíd love to ride the back roads in the park. For what Iíd do, I think the TW200 would be perfect and Iíd love to have one but, at my age, Iím also very concerned about getting hurt, especially as I really donít have anyone to look after me if something would happen. I know that if I was seriously injured Iíd greatly regret ever getting back on a bike.

    If youíre still reading, Iím sure youíre wondering what the point of this verbose post is. Iím not too sure myself, but this forum seems to have a number of older riders on it and I guess Iím looking for their thoughts and comments on how someone like myself might have a little T-Dub fun without it becoming a regrettable experience. If it seems like a bad idea for someone of my age and level of experience, Iíd like to know that.

    TL;DR ó Old guy wants T-Dub for a little fun in his retired golden years but is skeered.

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    If you feel physically able to ride a bicycle around your neighborhood or on a gravel road, then you would probably also be fine on a TW. Maybe see if anyone on the forum is close to your area and could go riding with you. I always feel a little safer riding with others.
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    I also 64 and except for no hip replacement your probably in better physical shape that I am. The TW is a very light weight bike and unless you have balance problems should be fine. If you off road it you should have someone to ride with. If your truly frightened I might think twice because fear can lead to you messing up. But I think if I can ride the 850 pounder in the background you can handle a TW.

    Oh and if you do get one get the bigger foot pegs right off the bat they're much better.

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    Proper safety gear is a must. Gives me just enough confidence but not too much. Riding buddy is an excellent idea.
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    I am 6' 3" and 225#'s. Love me some TW time. Go for it. Gear up with good riding protection, ride safe and you will have a blast! Send pics when you buy a bike and show her off! 🙂

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    Nothing to be skeered of, there are lots of other old guys on here with hip and knee replacements that do just fine on these little bikes. The TW is a lot shorter than a DR350 and should be great for the type of riding that you plan to do. There is also a group ride being planned for Big Bend NP if you want to meet up with some of the nut jobs on this forum.

    Welcome to the forum,


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    Mr. Owl ...may I call you Hoot?

    Find & take an inexpensive Motorcycle Safety Foundation "Basic Rider Course" at a local Jr. College, or wherever.
    I believe they are all using TW200s now so you could not only learn the ropes but test the waters before you buy your TW!

    The course is just excellent and covers all the basics and then some...it's a 2 day-long weekend course, part classroom, part field work (large parking lot).
    And you will qualify for a 10% discount on your bike insurance.

    After you have been riding a while, they offer various Experienced Rider Courses and even a basic Dirt Rider Course.


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    Yes. my post was not helpful...I will delete it and promise to behave.....the grandkids are trying to get power of attorney...
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    Buzzwords that certainly point at a TW in your future.
    Put some weight on (I'm jealous).
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    Owl welcome to the forum and to the fray !

    The TW will be the perfect 2 wheeled buddy for you I think your lucky and wise to be looking at it

    It's probably the best bike" for a full size guy to put around on with enough power to get you anywhere you need to go but not too much to flip over backwards and do an Evel Knievel

    No reason to worry about making a mistake purchase wise because they have a great resale value much like a low mile Toyota PU there will be 10 guys wishing they had one for every one that is on the used market

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