Do you have any paint recommendations?
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    My passenger peg supports and my crankcase covers are scratched and have paint worn off from boot contact. Since it is winter and I live in rainy northwestern Oregon I have the opportunity to pretty up my bikes whilst pining for the time when I can actually ride them more.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for black paint that works pretty well in these areas? I am looking for both brush-on touchup paint for small chips/scratches on the crankcase covers and spray paint for repainting my entire passenger peg support brackets.

    While I am on the subject, has anyone ever attempted to touch up the white tank paint? My 2008 has a few chips from the previous owner that I would like to improve. So far I have tried Olympic White General Motors touch up paint that is made for Old White Truck. It went on well, but is a little more off-white than the tank color.


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    well as far as black paint goes. I usually get paint custom mixed at this paint shop by my house and they do a great job! super tuff stuff. But other than that like when I am out or in a pinch, I really like duplicolor, both regular and high temp both are spray paint style, but they make brush paint as well but I have never tried it. But the spray paint holds up extremely well in high wear areas, such as cases, frame, etc.. you can get it at your local auto zone, or detail shop.

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    Not sure what kind of temperatures the surfaces of the case will see. Could always do caliper paint, should be pretty durable. not sure if it comes in brush on

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    Try nail polish on the tank. It comes in a million colors.
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    Im in the process of rebuilding my bike. All naked, all new paint. The frame i painted with VHT Wheel paint for cars. I got it at Autozone. With a clear coat this stuff cured awesome and very durable on my buddys four wheeler Parts. I highly recomend it.

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    Look for Urethane based

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