Hello from the UK!
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Thread: Hello from the UK!

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    Hello from the UK!

    Hello folks! My name's Will from Kent in the UK.

    I've just bought a 2006 TW225 with 12k on the clock. It's being delivered next week and I can't wait to get out on it!

    When it arrives, is there anything that's worth looking at (from a maintenance point of view) before I hit the road?

    I'd appreciate any pointers as I'm a BIG novice when it comes to small Japanese engines!


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    Hi Will. Welcome to the forum from Ontario, Canada! There's going to be a number of envious members here on your purchase as we can't get the 225 version on this side of the pond so about 99.8% of us depend on our 200's for fun. Although some have taken the plunge and built a 225 but we would love if we could actually just buy one like you did. Hope you enjoy the ride and good luck with the new to you T-Dub!
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    I had no idea that the 225 wasn't available over there. That being said, they're not ten-a-penny over here either. This was the first one I found for sale in a looooong time, I'm glad I managed to get it before someone else snapped it up!
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    Hi Big Willy, welcome to the forum!

    I would check the gas (or should I say petrol?) tank to see its condition and if there is any fuel in it (probably not if this bike was shipped to you). If there is fuel in it, I'd suggest draining it and disposing of it since you won't know the age and condition of it. If the inside of the tank looks clean and free of rust, I would put about 1 gallon (or 3.8 liters) in and check for any leaks from the tank, petcock fuel line or carburetor.

    I would then check to see if there is oil in the engine. There is a sight glass on the lower front right side of the engine. With the bike in a near vertical position you should see the oil level visible in this window. If not you will need to add oil until it is between the two marks adjacent to this window.

    Then check the condition and air pressure of the tires. Also check the condition of the drive chain and sprockets. Look for rust, lack of lubrication, and any evidence of excessive wear. Chain should not be too tight, nor exhibit excessive slack.

    If everything looks good so far, turn the ignition on and see if the battery is charged enough for the lights to come on and work properly. If so, make sure the bike is in neutral, the side stand is up, the clutch lever is pulled in, the choke knob is pulled out, and see if the electric starter will turn the engine over and start the bike. If the electric starter won't do it, try the kickstarter.

    If the bike starts and runs without any loud mechanical noises or excessive smoking, congratulations on your purchase! If it doesn't, let us know and we will try and help you through the steps to get it running. Before taking any long rides, it would be prudent to do a complete oil change, filter cleaning and valve check/adjustment.

    Good luck!

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    Frosty Hollow
    Welcome from Frosty Hollow. Wish we had better access to 225 TW engines.
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    Good luck with your new bike. Hey at least with motorcycles there's no left vs right hand drive differences. Lol
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    Junior Member bigwilly's Avatar
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    Thanks folks!

    I appreciate the pointers TW-Brian. That will help with making sure everything is in shape before lift-off.

    One thing I'd like clarifying is whether the TW225 is the same as a TW200, but just with slightly larger displacement? Is the frame, running gear etc the same?

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    The only major differences are in the engine, which would appear to come from the Serrow. The frame bits are the same, and in most cases you can swap parts with the TW125 if you get fed up with (presumably) dark red colour

    The speedo cluster and tail unit are specific to the 225, but still swappable if required, just won’t look the same. Not sure about the electrics (CDI etc), so proceed with caution

    The engine has a de-compression lever which is only activated by the kickstart, remains 5 gears, and the front sprocket goes up to 15 teeth – I’d recommend getting used to it first before you start fiddling around with things

    Other than that – just ask first before trying to change things around, and we’ll help out all we can

    Welcome to the board …..
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    Welcome from NY.
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    Welcome to the forum. Congrats and enjoy and post some pics when you get a chance.
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