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    Jan 2019
    Canby Oregon

    new Oregon member

    Hi All,
    Been looking for a starter dirt and street bike for the miss's... Plus a timber road adventure bike for myself... The TW fits all but is locally highly priced for used models...

    I placed a local C.L. wanted ad, and got offered a near new model that only had 30 miles off road use and not street titled yet. Original owner has a growing issue with his arthritis and decided to sell.
    So he and I were happy that the growing kids, miss's, and I would get lots of learning experience and upcoming use! Just got it and I and oldest boy are excited, miss's were working on...

    it's a 2018, already has a battery tender and the rear cycle rack. Might get the rotax pax fuel setup, handguards, footpegs, and headlight upgraded..

    Issues is mostly the Carb, probably poor gas. It didn't really warm up on the short late night test ride.
    But I heard the newer models are also super lean... needing rejecting and or shimming... I'm basically near sea level here in the valley.
    It would be a plus if I could fix that so it would warn and operate quickly so I could commute the less than 4 miles to wor

    anyhoot, I'm also a long time member on the cx500 forum with project bikes I haven't had time to tinker with yet...

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    2018 TW200 just purchased used with only 30 off road miles.
    also have Honda GL500 GL650 CX650 … another great forum like this.

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    Breedon on the Hill, UK
    Welcome from across the pond

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    New Rochelle, New York
    Welcome from NY.
    It shouldn't need anything as far as re-jetting or anything like that. Those are personal mods folks do for performance (an oxymoron with this bike) or to feel better.
    Clean your carb and fuel lines, add a new in-line filter, get it running good stock, then go play with mods.

    A stock 2018 unless not used for a substantial about of time should run perfect though bad/old fuel will bring down the newest to oldest bike no matter what.
    Have fun & ride safe.
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    2008 Vespa 150"S" (Elec & Kick Start)
    2007 Ural Patrol (2WD, Elec & Kick Start)
    2006 Yamaha TW200 (Elec & Kick Start)
    1995 BMW K75 (Elec Start)
    1991 Honda XR250L (Kick Start Only)
    1986 Yamaha BW200ES (Elec & Kick Start)
    1969 BMW r60/2, US Model (Kick Start Only)

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    west san jose CA
    Hi, Welcome. I like the term Timber roads, better than Fire roads. It just is what it is. Here its fire roads. Hand guards and foot pegs are a good start. I'm at around sea level and I was good to go out of the box. I need the choke when I start cold, full out then half, then after about 5min choke off. Take off and go for a ride. Think of the TW as a cold blooded lizard, a tractor something like that. I agree with stagewex. Tell us how you got it running good.
    "meet me in the creek"

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    Boise, Idaho
    Welcome from Idaho neighbor! I am in the nursery business and buy lots of trees and shrubs from over your way! You will love the TDub!

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    Portland, Oregon / East Cape, Baja Sur
    Welcome, neighbor.

    I have two 2013's, and both of them are cold blooded. Mine was the same scenario - I bought them from a guy who bought them on a whim - His wife decided it wasn't for her, and they sat for a while with old gas. The symptom: It would start right away and would idle, but I could not give it any throttle without it killing the engine.

    Before taking off the carb, I'd try draining the tank and replacing the gas with non-ethanol gas. I'd then add some Berryman B12 Chemtool or Seafoam to the tank and run that through. This worked fairly well for me.

    One of my bikes is a little more cold-blooded than the other. I've just learned how to deal with it. After they warm up, they run great. If they are not ridden regularly, I also have to quickly rap the throttle, and after a minute of this, they'll run well. I've decided to deal with it for now, rather than disassemble the carbs.
    TWy to make a TWip to the TWails to make some TWacks.

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    Jan 2019
    Canby Oregon
    Good Morning, and thanks!

    When younger, my dad, brother and I would drive out and hunt the coastal mountain roads the log trucks and skidders used.
    aka timber roads

    It'll be a few days before I get to DMV for plates, but I did pick up the not ethanol fuel and have the Sea Foam ready.
    I'm still searching CL for a 110cc and a 125 or 140cc bikes for the kids themselves, CRF / TTR / KLX
    They are a bit excited. We're in the suburbs, so have to drag everyone out to a couple acre field so they can learn.

    Called my brother about this purchase, and found out his son, who graduated last year, just bought a 350 Big Wheel.
    it'll take just a little to get that going good too

    I was wondering, is TW for Trans World or Trailways?
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    2018 TW200 just purchased used with only 30 off road miles.
    also have Honda GL500 GL650 CX650 … another great forum like this.

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    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    I never rejet my bikes but I do remove the limiter cap from the idle mixture screw and adjust that a bit richer (adjust to a good idle when warmed up). If your changing jets to make it run richer when its cold then its probably running way to rich when its warmed up.

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    Senior Member upnovr's Avatar
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    Dec 2014
    Welcome to the madness. I As well now am hoping the miracle of Sea Foam will get me going again. I really should be monkeying with it today but feel the need to get some break in miles done on my new vstrom. Love my TW but after reading the Epic ride report on ADV Rider TAT 2018 Honda Grom edition. KIND OF gets me thinking. This ethanol crap is just not good on carbs. Ya I know your right, I do need to ride it more.

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    mid Michigan
    Welcome to the best place for advice on the TW so many good people hear to help with anything may not always like what they say but most only are trying to help ... I'm no expert but TW is for TRAIL yes mine is cold blooded too but after a short warm up time ...more fun than most can handle...GOD IS GREAT BEER IS GOOD PEOPLE ARE CRAZY

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