What kind of battery charger are you using?
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Thread: What kind of battery charger are you using?

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    What kind of battery charger are you using?

    I have been using the Centech 1.5 amp on board battery charger maintainer from harbor Freight. I have a pigtail on each of my bikes and I wired up a pigtail onto the charger. They were just on sale with a coupon for about $12.00 each. I bought 2 at that price. My first one is still good at about 20.years old. The name brand on board charger that was similar overcharged batteries and I had to throw it away. I like that these are sealed and work well. I just move it as a regular charger, car, bikes, marine battery etc.
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    Battery Tender Chargers ONLY.
    Have had all different brands. Have dozens of batteries of all types here.
    Most brands cook the crap out of the batteries (NOCO, HF, etc.)
    I have done repeated tests, as there is always a large group of bikes here.
    At the remote storage garages, there are ONLY Battery Tender chargers.
    Never any issues.

    I am not affiiated with Battery Tender in any way.
    But I have bought well over a hundred batteries in recent years and they all need to be maintained.
    Battery Tender chargers have given me NO grief.

    Currently (ha ha) testing out the charger setup that AntiGravity sells. Got it because I have a fair amount of 6V bikes and would like some ambidexterity with charging.
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    Six (6) Battery Tender "Plus's" running in the garage right now. Have for over 20 years.
    5 bikes. The generator + snowblower share one back-and-forth.

    Everything starts like a warm Summer day.
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    Battery Tender Plus
    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

    2005 BMWR12GS Rock Red 106k miles
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    +4 on Battery Tender....
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    Battery Tender Jr. for all bikes. Battery Tender 5 amp for the camper.
    2018 TW200
    2014 BMW R1200GS LC

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    battery tenders, even on the pick up

    2019 honda cb500x
    2018 honda grom
    2018 suzuki dr200

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    +1 on the Battery Tender Jr. for my bike batteries. All of my observation seems to support the hypothesis that the little batteries don't like the higher charge amp rates, with no more than 10% of the batteries Amp Hour rating being ideal. 10% of an 8 AH battery such as the TW = 800 milliamps. Battery Tender Jr. outputs 750 milliamps.
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    For the last 17 years I have been using Ctek battery chargers, and the current model I have is the MUS 4.3 and I have always been pleased with their performance.
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