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Thread: New Owner/Member Post: ElevenTSeven

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    New Owner/Member Post: ElevenTSeven

    Hey guys, I joined this forum a few months ago when I became interested in buying one. I am proud to announce that I got myself one a couple weeks ago (sorry I haven't posted yet, been having too much fun on my new toy).

    After looking for used ones for a few months, I finally ended up buying a new one (2019 model). It wasn't the economically wisest choice, but I am a pretty sentimental person and I fell in love with the idea of making a bike my own from mile one, putting every mile, scratch, mod, dent, break, repair, and memory into it myself. I realized this when I decided NOT to buy a 2016 model with almost all the mods I would want and 5K on odometer for $3500. It was the deal I had been looking for for months, and when I found it I hated the idea that wasn't the one to put all those mods on it, and realized what I REALLY wanted a clean slate, a blank page to write my own story on.

    So I used my engineering income, my batchelor freedom, and my youthful impulsiveness to buy a brand new bike from a dealer near me with OTD cash, and don't regret it at all.


    I look forward to making some new friends and joining this community that's already been super helpful to me.

    In my two weeks of ownership I have developed a couple questions:

    1. Where exactly is the Air Intake? I found the air filter box on the left side of the bike but I wasn't quite sure where the air enters (I was concerned while washing my bike the other day, didn't want to shoot a jet of hose water in there). Along those lines, do y'all have any tips, tricks, do/don'ts about washing your bike?

    2. The dealer said to use ethanol free gas or add a treatment every gallon of gas I put in, because ethanol supposedly gunks up the carb. Is this just dealer BS? or is there truth to that? It kinda seemed like this just means "you'll have to clean your carb periodically" which I kinda figured would be a reality anyways. Do you guys use fuel treatment or 0% ethanol gas? Is it worth the investment?

    Also, I'll be adding some mods/gear in the coming weeks and months and would love suggestions and reviews for the following (I'll put the product I'm thinking of getting for each category in parenthesis):

    Handlebar Guards (Tusk D-Flex Pro)
    Skid Plate (Ricochet)
    Foot Pegs (IMS Superstock)
    Cargo Racks
    Saddlebags (i'm thinking soft bags vs panniers)
    Tank Bags
    Any other mods you find useful/neccessary

    Obviously people will want to know what I'm looking to do in order to suggest luggage systems. I'd like gear that would support weekend camping trips. And a lot of this stuff has probably already been talked about on here, if so feel free to say "go look here" or even "get off your lazy bum and search through the forums" if necessary.

    Lastly, I'd love to connect and make some riding buddies. I live in Longview so anyone in the East Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas (Arklatex as some call it) or even Oklahoma area, hit me up! (that is if you can tolerate riding with a newbie)

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    Welcome to the passion...I mean insanity of the TW200!

    If you have the dough and like the look, smell & feel of "new" and appreciate a warranty, it sounds like you made a wise choice. Not to mention all the fun of building, mod'ing & farkelizing it yourself!
    That's what I did too, but I knocked a big chunk of the cost of my new 2014 buy buying it in 2016 as a "non-current" model.

    I'm in Amarillo, TX and that would be a bit of a stretch to go for a ride...but it's good to have another Texan on-board.

    A locomotive!
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    Shucks, we like Texans.
    1) Air intakes initially from right side of airbox up under seat so tends to stay dry with not overly zealous washing. Pop your seat off and get comfortable with your new bikes configuration. That is where battery and electronics reside.

    2) While sound conservative advice from the dealer I believe such a rigorous war on ethanol is a bit overstated (unless you live in very humid areas where hydrophilic ethanol will absorb atmospheric moisture from the air in the tank). I live in a drier climate and do well just adding Seafoam to the gas every other tankful or so. Purchasing ethanol free high octane gas for me did not seem to have an adequate, although admittedly subjective, cost/benefit ratio.

    3) if you get really, really bitten by the TW bug there is always the annual gathering at Moab Utah where a score or more of similar minded riders meet and ride the slickrock and sandy landforms adjacent to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Touring the parks on motorcycle is a secondary benefit.
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    Welcome ElevenTSeven,

    Congratulations on the new T-Dub!
    Ahh, nothing like the smell of a new bike...

    Just a few ideas, comments, and / or opinions -

    On question #2 - I would avoid ethanol if possible AND even gas pumps with multiple types of gas and only ONE hose, because by the time your chosen fuel gets to the end of the nozzle your tank will be half full. I try and search out the "Premium Non-Oxygenated" fuel. It costs more, but we use less in these gas sipping bikes.

    Soft Bags are my choice - they give you more flexibility, as in not bending when you tip over or want to squeeze in between a tight spot!

    You may want to consider adding progressive fork springs to the top of your modification list.

    But with all that said, it sounds like you are well on the way to enjoying your new passion.
    Have Fun,
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    Welcome. I bought my bike before the ethanol contamination 1994 or 95 when I got the 93 bike with 200 miles on it. When it first switched over in my area. I got a high speed thumping like not enough fuel. I think a carb adjustment and an inline filter took care of it. I have always ran Marvel Mystery Oil in mine. About 3/4 to 1 ounce per tank. I did Kreem coat my tank at some point since I had left over from another bike I was doing. The coat keeps all rust contamination from the carbs. This worked for me. I rebuilt the carb once around 40,000 miles though I pulled the bowl one time to look at it. When I checked the bowl at about 20,000 miles it was clean.
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    Welcome and congrats. Just go to the mod's section and you'll see what folks have done and it's easy to compare what you might like over something else. The bike comes pretty perfect as an "everything" bike from the factory. Decide what you want it to become based on how you'll use it. Mine is used puttering around town and mostly off-road. I have other real motorcycles for road-work.

    On the ethanol... as long as you are actually using your bike modern fuel is not going to really impact your bike. If you are putting it up for storage or not going to use it for weeks at a time, yeah, if available ethanol-free is/will be a good choice. An occasional tank of ethanol-free is good too if available.

    Problem by me is that ethanol-free is also Premium/high-test so it's like throwing $$$ away into an Econo bike like a TW. A little capful of Seafoam will do just as well.
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    There are a few of us in the Ark-La-Tex area. A couple of us rode along the Atchafalaya levees a few weeks ago. I too prefer non-ethanol gas, but use it routinely while traveling - generally no problems doing so, as long as the bike is ridden regularly. I also drain the carb before parking for more than an overnight stop. Please send me a email to
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    Welcome to the forum ElevenTSeven from Ontario, Canada! And Congrats on the brand new T-Dub! We're all positive you won't regret you decision to buy a T-Dub especially a brand spanking new one, although you might cringe the first time you drop it but hey, who among us doesn't have a scar or two somewhere on their body from being a kid....same thing for happens so don't fret it but embrace the moment!
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats. Shutting off the fuel and letting it run dry has worked well for me to reduce ethanol effects. It takes a long time to run out of fuel, so I use the float bowl drain when I’m not lazy. Have fun with your new bike and mods.
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    There are people here that talk about their experience with the "ethanol problem" and I have no reason not to believe them, but I think a lot of the ethanol problem is overstated. Unless you are letting your bike sit for long periods of time you should not need any additives. As I stated in another thread, after many years of small engine experience I have never experienced any fuel problems but I seem to be some kind of freak

    Gas treatment every gallon? Did that dealer suggest that you buy your fuel additive from him?
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