Finally replaced my crashed '01 T-Dub with a 2007+lesson learned
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Thread: Finally replaced my crashed '01 T-Dub with a 2007+lesson learned

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    Finally replaced my crashed '01 T-Dub with a 2007+lesson learned

    Hey guys,

    I joined the site after buying my first T-Dub in 2015. Four days after getting it home a young lady on her phone turned left in front of me and I slammed into the side of her car. The bike held up pretty good but was totalled due to a crack in the steering yoke. I was lucky and only ended up with 28 stitches and a bruised rib. My body hit the car and my arm went through her side window and gave me a gnarly gash the length of my forearm. I was literally only 3 blocks from my house and was only wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. I could have easily been killed on this one and consider myself warned about wearing the proper safety gear. If I had a riding jacket on for example, I would have walked away with only bruised ribs. Lesson learned...helmet, jeans, boots, gloves, riding jacket from now on.

    Anyway, I finally got around to getting another bike so my son (he has a '94) and I can do some moto-camping around Michigan. I'm looking forward to doing some mods and buying some camping equipment. We'll be looking for some rider groups around Michigan as well. Love the site and all the info and plan on many visits in the future. Ride safe!


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    Welcome! I'm glad you decided to "get back on the horse!"
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    Welcome back! I find myself feeling safer off-road as each year passes. Glad you are back and ok.
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    Congrats on your next bike. Thanks for sharing your story. Coulda been way worse.
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    Glad you came out of that one with just some lessons learned. Glad you didn't break anything. Hang around with us, hope to find you on a ride soon.
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    Welcome back to the forum from Ontario!
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    Welcome back!

    Your story reminds me of the guy who read that most fatal accidents occur within several miles of your home - so he moved!


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    You are a lucky one being able to tell us that story.
    Congrats on the new bike. Ride it happy & safe.
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    Glad you survived!
    What happened to the "young lady"?
    Congrats on the new bike..."Mods R Us"!
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    Thanks guys. I'm not sure what happened to her. A ticket for sure. She called the ER while I was getting stitched back up to see if I was ok. I give her credit for that. Hopefully she learned a lesson too...
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