VIDEO The Ultimate motorcycle carrier for the TW200
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Thread: VIDEO The Ultimate motorcycle carrier for the TW200

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    Cool VIDEO The Ultimate motorcycle carrier for the TW200

    lately I’ve been building a stealth adventure van for road trips and decided a TW200 would be a great addition. Unfortantly, I didnt want to tow a trailer, and other hitch carriers were not suitable or up to my standards a quality. check out my video to see how it works with the tw200 and holds up on the road

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    Doesn’t get much easier than that. Nice video.
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    Nice !

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    Looks really good! Wish I could use it.
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    Great video!
    We van guys like the hydraulic jacks.Rav7dMA+Qj2VE8DKxGmCXw_thumb_67.jpg
    We find all sorts of uses for them:

    Here Bad Luck demonstrates their use as a bike lift and repair stand. rackjpg.jpg
    Been there, done that...great for servicing chain and flat fixes at camp.

    Mine also does kitchen duty in camp.rack stove.jpg
    Not being limited by a trailer greatly increases nimbleness and ability to explore for the perfect camp spot. Daedalous has got himself a good carrier!
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    Stands too far away from the vehicle it won't work on my Subaru Forester because the suspension will be sagging too much. My rail is much tighter to the bumper and, while there's sag, not so as much as that unit will cause.
    Jacks the TW up too high to work on the front receiver hitch on my pick up truck. I carry a camper on the truck and my TW on the front. The rail I use keeps the bike at hood level, This carrier will put it much higher. Looks like nearly a foot higher than a rail.

    Too many stickers. Stickers fade, peel and look shabby. Would look much better without any at all.
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    An inexpensive hitch tightener with take out most of the wobble.
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    Much of the remaining wobble occurs within the four bar linkage itself. With vibration the pivot bolts tend to oblate the mild steel of the bars, platform and frame itself. This is something that exacerbates itself over time and will just get worse with use. The rate of deformation of the pivot holes certainly can be lessened by reducing the vibration. I use 4 tension straps from front and rear of bike to 4 corners of the van to lessen much of this destructive vibration since my haul destinations invariably entail off-roading. Lower straps go to bumper structure and upper straps go to overhead cargo rack.
    After 4 years and many dozens of transports I recently drilled new larger round pivot holes and increased diameter of Grade 8 pivot bolts to start fresh and have more bearing surface area for future wear. An option could have been installing bushings rather than simply larger pivot bolts.
    These carriers certainly are customizable. I re-welded the 2" receiver tube to : 1) bring bike closer to haul vehicle & . 2) lower carrier so my Tacoma's camper door can fully open.
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    So my assumption is this won't work on a pickup truck due to the rear lights being obstructed???? I have a brand new Ford Raptor and don't want to load it into the bed every time, so was looking at a hitch carrier, either hydralic like this (preferred) or the ones you roll the bike up on to. Any help/advice would be appreciated...

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