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Thread: New owner in ID intro

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    New owner in ID intro

    Hello everyone!

    I'm finally taking time to login and introduce myself. I'm in the Boise area and have noticed others listing the same, hoping to meet & make some new friends to ride & wrench with. I'm new to riding trails, long time 4-wheeler/Jeeper, but only street bikes in the past. After not riding for over 10 years, (bad accident, new wife, long story...) she told me one day that she realized how much i missed having a bike and it was ok with her if I got another one, even another Harley if i wanted. Well, I figured since I didn't feel like i had to have a Harley, I'd get something better to explore Idaho with. My daughter wound up with the last 4x4 toy i had built up for myself and I didn't have the resources nor the back & body anymore to build up another one, side by sides are even more expensive, getting too old & creaky to be as much of a motorhead as i used to be, i'd explore trail riding on 2 wheels. Something I could still wrench on, cheap to maintain & something that would fit in the storage shed attached to our house, i mean our garage. What could go wrong, right?

    Thinking i'd cash advance the ol' Visa and find something inexpensive to tool around on, wanted to keep it street legal for quick trips to store etc, i started looking. I was making conversation with our credit union loan officer on a different matter and she mentioned that they were having a loan special for motorcycles IF i could find one newer than a 2012, acceptable miles, etc, it would be only 1.9%, way less than a cash advance, lol. I wound up getting a 2014 KLR 650, i mean, i rode big twins, 1340cc for years, this was half the size, piece of cake. Big enough to commute on, dirt ready, heck it had knobby tires right? well, after riding & exploring solo, as usual, i found myself on a dirt road during a rainstorm, (1st one in months that summer) and rapidly getting deeper & deeper in the mud. Mind you, I never learned to ride in dirt/mud on 2 wheels and was quite proud of myself when i got thru the section of road that was so bad and started getting shallower & more gravel than mud, and then I decided, i better head home before it got worse. Well, me no makie the return trip thru the mud w/o mishap. The deserty part alongside the "road" was visually misleading, so I steered back onto the road and wound up dropping my bike in the mud, stuck in a rut, no leverage, every time i got the bike up a bit, either my feet or the wheels would slide out from under me, adding to the mess we both were in. Funny how that "half-size dirt bike" weighed a ton, was top heavy like you wouldn't believe, and having a seat height higher than your knee, affects the whole physics involved picking it up... Thank goodness for a kind soul in a Nissan 4x4 showing up to play in the mud, took both of us to get me upright and heading back home.

    Notes to self: quit exploring by myself, stick to trails & back roads, (all earlier riding was pre-cell phone era), and make sure it was a bike a newb dirt rider could handle & pick up, even with a bad back.

    After much research, I decided a TW seemed like a great choice and i loved the look & size of it, especially after seeing the description of it being a 2-wheel ATV! The hard part was finding one for sale and how to get it with a loan still on the KLR. I missed out on a couple that were available at the end of last riding season and figured I'd start the process while it was still cold this year. I was confident I could sell my KLR and replace any funds I scrounged within a short period of time, BUT the missus, not so much. Risking my skin (& marriage), I took what savings we had, hit the Visa up, and purchased a sweet 2012 TW with just over 1300 miles on it about a month ago. (Yay income tax return this year!)

    Sold the paid off KLR this past weekend, Visa balance paid back down from what I put on it to get the TW, funds from savings replenished, missus is happier. Thank you all for spending some time out of your day to read my ramblings and looking forward to to making new friends, finding trail buddies and getting out there and hitting some trails, heck even mud now...
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    Welcome to the addiction ....
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    Hi Catman Du...welcome aboard!
    Let's hear more about that sweet new bike and where you intend to ride it.
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    Welcome and congrats!
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    Welcome CD from Ontario, Canada. And Congrats on the new to you T-Dub! Sounds like you made out Ok finding one in the end, they can be harder to track down than chicken teeth that's for sure. I've never owned a KLR but I did buy a brand new XL650R back in the day when I was a much younger man and damn that thing weighed a ton once you got it stuck in axle deep mud so I felt your pain reading about your own saga. You'll appreciate your T-Dub in no time flat once you spend some time out in the dirt with it....enjoy!
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    Welcome from western Washington. I also made the transition from a KLR to the TW. Got rid of the KLR for the same reasons you mentioned. It is an obsession. I've put more money into this little bike than any other bike I've owned. Welcome to the madness.
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    Welcome from the west coast of NY.
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    Welcome to you from NY.
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    Welcome, you'll have lots of fun on a TW.

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    Welcome! My buddy (IdahoElkhuntr) also lives in Boise. Lot's of good riding around here. We should catch up and hit the trails sometime! Few more warm days and most of the mud should dry! Lot's of good help here in the forum. They have been an awesome resource. Cheers!
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