Double take mirrors
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    Double take mirrors

    I smash a lot and keep a lot of cheap folding mirrors on hand. They are not the best in the world. Nobody should get them. Everyone with a TW should not use them. I like RAM mount anything. I can build the space shuttle with RAM ball mounts and arms. They are made in the USA. Do any of yous guys use the ram mounted mirrors. It seem like they fold in easy enough. Double Take is also made in the USA. I have adaptors so nothing is counter threaded. There are a million ways to fab them on.

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    Well, I do not smash anything but should that happen I will probably install Double Take mirrors mostly for their larger field of view.

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    The genius to the double take mirrors are the ball mount and brackets arm fabbing. RAM will let you build anything. There are many bracket combos you can use. I will let you know what I set up. My bike is in the pole barn. It is 45 degrees and the bike starts right up. The ice on my 200 foot driveway will kill me when the bike comes out from under me getting from the pole barn to the street.. What isn't ice is mud and I cannot rut up the yard. I will fab up some ball mount mirrors with brackets and studs and arms and let you know how it plays out. The important thing is get an adaptor for your right side mirror which is left hand thread. Tighten in it as if you were loosening any other bolt. Then you can use universal stuff on both sides of your bike. The left mirror is normal. Leave it alone. Get extension arms for each side. Make sure the one you get is Yamaha left hand thread for the right side mirror. Moving the mirror out an inch or so will enhance the visibility. Your mirrors are fine. The are just not mounted outside enough. If you are going to fall, get folding mirrors.

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