Spring Start-Up's
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Thread: Spring Start-Up's

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    Spring Start-Up's

    Did you snowbirds get your bikes going yet?

    I took Monday off from work since it was going to be in the 50's and I'm kinda sure (hope) the snow is over with. That meant shifting the unused snowblower around and into storage and pulling the lawn mower out and starting it up. Also reconfiguring the garage and starting the bikes that have not been ridden that much or at all during the Winter.

    I've been using the Ural and Honda XR most of the Winter. The Ural because... well it's the ultimate Winter rig/made in Siberia and has 2-wheel drive. The XR because I've been upgrading and getting it dialed-in for the trails. That left the TW and both BMW's hardly used at all. The '69 Beemer had not been started since Christmas.

    All bikes were put away tuned, with fresh fluids and Seafoam in their full fuel tanks. After a few priming kicks (4 of my 5 bikes are kick-start) each started and got to go for a 10-15 mile ride. I'll try and burn-out all the Winter gas in each one over the next couple weeks.

    Going from one bike to another it's usually the difference in handlebar switch-gear that takes a few minutes to get used to. On the four "kicker" bikes (yeah, the Ural & TW are magic button too) it's more about the differences with each about the start-up process.

    I also got to install some new aftermarket IMS footpegs on the XR. Similar to the reason I originally changed from the children's size on the TW.

    I think these were pretty old stock, who is making new stuff for a 1991 bike nowadays? It took me longer to get the new pegs out of the plastic than to install them.

    Maybe not as small as the OEM TW's but pretty beat-up:

    Coming along nicely:

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    Nice line up! You seem to be a very good kick-starter.
    Any good with a hand crank? My old hand cranked bad boy starts on gasoline then switches over to diesel. Can't be that much of a wrist breaker.
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    Always leave the KLR next to the door. Been out a couple times this winter. As long as it warms up to 35 and the roads are dry I try to get out and ride even a little. Just put the space heater next to it for a half hour and she always pops right off.
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