Should I buy a 2019
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Thread: Should I buy a 2019

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    Should I buy a 2019

    So I’m currently riding a punitive ruckus and want to upgrade to something a little bigger. I am 5’7” and a big fella sitting at 250. I’ve been infatuated with a tw200 for about a year now and have saved enough to pull the trigger on a new 2019 with a good deal on a trade in with the ruckus. I live in a small town where I’d be riding approximately 80% road. I occasionally travel 40 miles on a backroad (55mph) with some hills to go fish and hunt black tail deer. Just wondering from others experience if this is the right choice for me? It would be my only vehicle and work travel would be less than 1000 yards from home. I travel with my fishing poles a lot and my rifle or bow during hunting seasons. Is the TW thr correct choice? Looking to go pick one up next weekend. Pretty set on getting it just looking for reciprocation on the good choice.
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    Yes the TW would be good for your situation. I know this is a TW forum, but an XT250 would also be an excellent choice. Similar price and seat height but with more power, fuel injection, lots of tire choices, and higher top speed. The TW is better for slow and difficult trails. And most importantly, TWs come with automatic membership rights to this amazing forum.
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    I agree with mountain yawp said. The XT250 would be better suited for road and very competent for off road but it won't have the determination and abilities of a mountain goat the way the TW would. Also the XT sits at 32.7" compared to the TW at 31.1" and off road for us vertically challenged folks 1-1/2" is a lot taller. Both bikes having a large following and it would be great if you could test ride both of them. Good luck deciding and hope to see you back here again!
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    If I can I will buy a used bike in excellent condition with low miles and a clear title......if I can't find one where and when I want one....I will buy new...but I have no preference for new....
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    go for the TW you will love it im the same size and it carrys me 55 all day long. love the little bike

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    yes buy the 2019 but I also love to have a Ruckus 50 around for a pit bike
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    I was torn between a few bikes 3 years ago and decided to go with the TW and glad I did. I have never wished for more power on dirt or flat backroads - some steep hills on back roads that are 55mph can be a challenge tho. If you are 80% road in a steeper hilly area a larger engined bike might be a good idea - flatter and more dirt riding the Dub is hard to beat.
    Also the TW group here is great - very helpful and inclusive along with some group rides (depending on your location) during the year. Good luck with your decision - keep us posted!
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    Can't go wrong with a TW200!

    The 2019 would be great.
    But...if you want to save some real $$, check around for non-current "holdovers".
    Brand new, fully warrantied 2018-17 bikes can save you hundreds of bucks.

    I bought my new 2014 in late 2016. The dealer had 2 of them with the first 2017s on the way...he was a "highly motivated seller".
    He was making an interest payment on both every month until he sold them and got them off his floor plan.

    I found them ~150 miles away in a small Yamaha/Honda shop (mostly ATVs) in a small farm town. Had to make ~10 phone calls but it was well worth it!

    A nice used one can be a good option as well...but there is nothing like a new motorcycle!

    By the way...welcome to the forum!
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    Buy for what you plan to do the most, not the least... You will be much happier. If 80% of your riding will be on 55mph roads, then I hate to say it, but you will be much happier with a little bigger dual sport. The TW is fine for shorter trips, but it is not much of a road bike in stock form. Now, you can make it much more road worthy if you want, and that is one of the truly cool things about the TW, it is very versatile and with a few modifications you could make it into the bike of your dreams... As long as speed is not one them
    Me, I wanted a good dual sport for camping and occasional road use. Mostly just to get me between back roads. I can ride from my house, and within 5 miles be on gravel and within 10 I am in the mountains and within 40 I am way back up in the back country. But I have also ridden the 20 miles into town on a 55mph road and it is just not that great... Will do it, but driving to WW and back is about as far as I ever want to go on the road.
    But again, the versatility is where its at with the TW and that is what I love about it. You can buy more road oriented tires, change sprockets, add a windscreen and you will probably be very happy. Put on a nice Cyclerack, add a scabbard to the side and you can easily transport long guns, fishing gear, etc... Me, I have added panniers and load up for weekend camping trips up into the back country and will haul a .22 takedown or a shotgun for grouse hunting.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    Keep the ruckus and buy a used TW. I have both and will never sell either. I found a basically brand new TW last fall with only 300kms on it for $2000 off what a brand new one would have cost from the dealer. They both put a huge grin on my face even thought they are the slowest 2 wheeled vehicles I have ever ridden.
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