Dusting off 2001 TW200....only 1200 km!
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Thread: Dusting off 2001 TW200....only 1200 km!

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    Dusting off 2001 TW200....only 1200 km!

    Second owner

    Hello to all,

    Purchased in 2006 with 300 kms on "her".

    Was a summer cabin bike that had been crashed in to a tree months after purchase and then put in a shed and left for five years. All that was wrong was bent handlebars, which I replaced and some slight scuffing here and there.

    So with a quick carb clean etc. and new battery I drove it street and trail for two years and then for various reasons it ended up mothballed.

    Looking forward to get it this bike back up and running. I'm got new players front and back on order as well as new battery and as things warm up I will be draining her of all the fluids etc.… I anticipate cleaning the carburetor…

    But beyond the change of handlebars, this 2001 bike is completely stock.

    Sorry the pictures are pretty crap but I'll post more if there is interest as I start to strip her down and clean her up. etc.

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    What a find...what a story!
    I hope you saved the original bent bars as a trophy.
    Pics, of course!

    And welcome to the forum...
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    Hi Darth,


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