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Thread: Seat

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    I’ve had my TW for about 3 years now. Really like the bike. I typically go for about 50 mile rides. Any suggestions on an upgrade to the seat. I just can’t seem to go more than 50 miles with the stock seat before the butt goes numb. Thanks in advance.
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    I can't help you as 50 miles is about all I ever ride and I do occasionally stand up on the pegs to shake things down and relieve any stiffness or numbness ...…

    But yesterday I spend the better part of a hour trying to put the seats back on a couple TWs ….the idiot that designed that method of securing the seat must be the same idiot that decided a kick start was superfluous …. sorry for the only excuse is that I am still annoyed and my back and knees still hurt....

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    Seat Concepts. Best upgrade you can do to your TW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bartruff View Post
    ....yesterday I spend the better part of a hour trying to put the seats back on a couple TWs ….
    There are several threads here on how to replace the seat bolts with quick releases. I just replaced them with Allen bolts so all I need is the right Allen key in my tool kit.
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    I decided to try this route after seeing it on the forum.

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    Yesterday I rode 129 road miles on my TW. Previous owner installed the Seat Concepts seat so I have no experience with the stock seat to compare.
    About mid ride I felt the need to shift my position a bit but I never got numb.

    I don't sit very often in general. I just started riding a few months ago. I wear jeans on my ride. And my rear tire was overinflated by a moto shop.

    I can recommend the seat. If your tall they will be releasing a new taller seat in the near future.
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    the stock TW seat has often been called "the plank" or the "2x4" for good reason lol

    It looks great but feels terrible

    Coleman makes an add on cover often sold at Walmart etc that helps a little but the 100% cure is the Seat Concepts high density foam and vinyl cover kit

    I can ride all day on a Seat Concepts seat even if I have not ridden in months and my butt is not "used" to riding ad I never feel any pain

    At Moab in 2017 I had not ridden in the 6 months prior so I thought by day 3 my rump would be raw but I ended up riding daily for the full 10 days and never felt any discomfort
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    if you all don't like the TW seat, you would really not get along with the seats on today's mx bikes . I never had an issue with the TW seat. ContactSeat Concepts .If it really is a problem for you petgaps they will build a custom taller seat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastone165 View Post
    I decided to try this route after seeing it on the forum.

    This was the first mod I did after bringing my T-Dub home. Who wants to pull out a ratchet every time you're removing the seat?
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    Being as a TW is an "everything bike" which means it'll do anything and everything average.

    The stock seat is actually very good if you spend a bunch of time off-road or on the trails. You might be standing a lot of that time anyway depending how severe you ride. But for long-term rides on pavement you are asking a lot of that seat. At least it was in my case where comfort comes at a high priority. Up there with safety.

    Those that have already mentioned "Seat Concepts" know first-hand. It is a night & day difference and they make seats, covers, foam & padding for many makes and brands. Not cheap but IMHO well worth it. In fact I have been guilty of "sitting" going over extreme whoops on a Seat Concepts seat. Like Super Mario.
    And 200 mile rides on pavement are no problem. Folks like those Colman pads too. I just have no experience with them.



    Sometimes it's not just the seat but handlebar and it's switchgear position. Before you get into a different seat, cover or padding think about how you sit in the first place. A simple adjustment of the bars might have you sitting a different way. You can also inexpensively add different sized risers. Another angle position of the way you sit that might make you think twice about the seat.




    Finally, change the toddler footpegs to adult size. For me having something more flat to stand or rest my dogs on made another comfort difference.
    Also the OEM ones were embarrassing, Ha

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