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Thread: New TW rider

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    New TW rider

    I have been riding street bikes and quads my whole life, for a early 50th birthday present to myself I bought a 2017 TW200 with only 21 miles on it. I had no idea what I was missing out from. These little dual sports are a blast to ride. So I have put about 100 miles on it and changed the oil. Bought tank and rear Wolfman bags for it and now want to fine tune the bike. I am not looking to mod this bike up, just looking to get it running the best it can. I have read a lot of forums were people are writing in saying these bikes run lean from the factory. That is the case with mine, I think I will start with poping out the fuel air adjustment screw cap and setting it to 2 1/2 turns. Any other subjecting would be appreciated.

    Very excited to hit the trails this year on this thing, I live in Michigan and I would love to get some feedback on the National forest trails in Manistee.

    Thanks, look forward to learning from you all and sharing my own experiences.

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    Nice new bike you have there. Enjoy it.

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    Hi Gar-Man and congrats on joining the ranks of fellow T-Dubbers! And welcome to the forum from Ottawa!
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    Welcome. Good start. I fattened my '99 up a lot, uncorked the pipe, K&N filter, bigger main jet. Sure it can go 10 MPH faster than my wife's stock 2012, and wheelie, but my fuel eco suffers, 45 to 50 to her 70-75 MPG. It is nice and loud too, up in the hills friends say it sounds like a CRF-450 brapping around. Enjoy!!
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    Welcome, congrats, and happy birthday. Adjusting the mixture should improve the lean condition. Here in the Midwest we don’t have the extra challenge of significant altitude changes like the mountain riders.
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    Get rid of that front tire - and change it for a Shinko 241 - that's the one thing that can't wait ......
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    Welcome to the Forum...have fun!
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    Not attempting hijack thread, but another new owner here. 2004 with 900 miles. Someone tried to "cafe" it with a round headlight and a few other hacks. I just got it all back to stock, oil changed, new plug, cleaned air filter and looking good ready to ride!

    I heard mention of tires, what's the consensus for mostly off-road?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibdavid View Post
    I heard mention of tires, what's the consensus for mostly off-road?
    For most people who are not going to ride really aggressively (like Fred), the OEM rear and a Shinko 241 front will do nicely. If you like to get real muddy a more knobby front like the Kenda 760 Trackmaster might be a choice. Since I ride rocky trails most of the time the 241 is perfect and is quiet on pavement.
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    I've got the 241 on the rear of my CT90 and was thinking something a little more aggressive, however the 760 looks savage and maybe too agro. Anyone run the Michelin T63, or Michelin anything on the TW?

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