What “generation” of TW200 would you buy ?

Poll: What “generation” of TW200 would you buy ?

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Thread: What “generation” of TW200 would you buy ?

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    What “generation” of TW200 would you buy ?

    What “generation” of TW200 would you buy ?

    The “first gen” 1987 - with a funky electrical system, dodgy history of CDI failure, kicker and starter button

    The “second gen” 1988 to 2000 — still with kicker, slide carb, and the front drum, no known faults

    The “third gen” — no kickstart, CV carb, front disc — a few minor niggles, but nothing insurmountable. The increased generator output was a bonus, depends how many gimmicks you want to run on the bike

    The reason I bring this up, is partly to do with the number of ‘87’s bought and sold on the market. Numerically speaking, It’s gonna happen, but I often scratch my head and wonder if the new owners know what they’re getting into

    From my point of view, I’m more than happy with my second gen ’98. By then, Yamaha had sorted out the TW, settled down the manufacturing process, and had it about as good as it was going to get. It still had the kicker, slide carb, and the lower generator output has never been an issue

    The third gen, although having the disc brake, was let down by the exclusion of the kick start in my opinion, and although it can be “added” afterwards, they are getting slim on the ground. The generator output is as above, but the inclusion of the CV carb (emissions problems) would put me off it — the slide carbs are more responsive

    As some of you know, I have a 2007 (225cc) CV carb model, but as it’s a Jap import, it comes with the kick start. Disc/drum, it’s all the same to me on a trail bike, a “properly maintained” drum brake is perfectly comparable to the disc

    But let’s get back to the 200 — in light of recent “What should I look for when buying” threads, the question once more rears its head

    I realise it can often come down to “what’s available in my area”, and I accept that I landed on my feet with my own TW200 — but “if” you had the choice, what would you choose, and why ? ……..
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    Having an '87 myself - I'd say go 2nd gen. Not really a big deal, but the minor differences can be a mild annoyance to the unfamiliar...
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    I voted any, so generic.
    As long as it has a kick-starter on it or you can install a kick-starter in it.
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    The disc brake is my deciding factor. After trying to stop a drum brake Bultaco everyone will want disc.
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    i'm waiting for the 4th, injection!
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    I voted for third generation. I like the disk and the extra power for aux lights and heated grips. Maybe I'm just lucky.... but I've never needed a kickstart... I've always managed to get it going with a bump start... once including a push from 3 guys on their way to Sturgis in a flat Wyoming motel parking lot...

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    3rd for me for sure. I just added a kickstart. Now I have the best of both 2nd and 3rd gen. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by grewen View Post
    i'm waiting for the 4th, injection!
    Same, waiting for fuel injection.
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    I have two '87's and love them both!
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    I am not a believer in the disk being better on such a small bike.

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