Let's Get Admiral One of These
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Thread: Let's Get Admiral One of These

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    Let's Get Admiral One of These

    With one of these Admiral could build us some really nice trails, then we would have a reason to visit his new forested home.

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    I wonder how well that would work in hard pack clay? Soft loam is easy clay not so much.

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    County catch someone running one of those in an "environmentally sensitive area" because of erosion concerns. They would be in deep do do.

    Cool little rig though, love the winch on the back.
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    I would have done this for a living if they would have informed me of the opportunity. I've seen one of the trails this machine made. It was actually being used to repair/improve and existing trail. Does a nice job making/repairing a single track. Usually for hiking, mountain biking and equine uses nowadays. Right out of high school my father-in-law worked for a feller who was contracted to construct trails. Everything was manual...except when they had to use dynamite to blast the trail through rock. Yeah, I suppose this machine wouldn't do rock very well either.

    Chip, you're not gonna see one of these machines on for sure public lands without a whole bunch of paperwork before approval. Can't speak to the use on private landowner property. Still, "they" don't build that many trails anymore, nor maintain the existing ones.
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    my great Uncle used to build logging roads in the 1940 and 50's. only differance is, his cat was winch cabled to a tree so when things when bad, he had a chance to get out. if that machine slid over the edge, it would be like a beach ball going down the hill

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    I own a Kubota KX 131-3. It's a little bigger than the one in the video but would do a fantastic job! I am availabe to build trail as needed. 🙂
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    sword fern and vine maple? looks like west coast forests, north of oregon i'd guess...
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