mint condition 2003 tw200 newbie
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Thread: mint condition 2003 tw200 newbie

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    mint condition 2003 tw200 newbie

    New here, and new to bikes. Been looking for a TW200 for sometime, mostly to hunt off of, and get up in to some remote country and off road stuff. Guy who was working for me recently retired and was moving and wanted to get rid of all his stuff. Sold me his 2003 for $500! Clean title, super well taken care of, stored inside its whole life, and only has 1049miles on it. Super lucky and stoked to get it going! Brought it home and it fired right up, but was leaking fuel out of the carb when I turned it off. read up on it, sounds pretty normal and might require a carb cleaning, or rebuild? Would love a bit of input on this. I attached some pics. 20190422_133852.jpg

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    Man O Man, you got the deal of a lifetime bro!! Welcome to the forum!!
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    Congratulations Duke and welcome to the forum, you just scored a great deal on a nice looking TW!

    Sounds like a sticking float valve. You might want to try running some fresh gas with a heavy dose of Seafoam before you start tearing things apart. Or maybe just a gentle whack to the carb with a plastic hammer might do the trick.


    p.s. these bikes typically run better when the sparkplug wire is connected (just teasing you )

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    Yes indeed. right place, right time. Thanks TW-Brian, i am going to do just that, draining the fuel tank out tonight, and putting in fresh ethanol free with a heavy dose of seafoam. Good eye on the sparkplug wire, i had to find that out the hard way.
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    Wow, congrats on an amazing deal. I would change fluids, clean carb and then go from there. You may not even need, or have to do anything else. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the group and Congrats on a great buy! You're going to love your new found pastime!
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    2003 for $500. You suck! Kidding of course Welcome.
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    Duke, check the brake fluid through the sight glass in the master. If it's any color other than clear ( think straw, tea, molasses) change it. I recently picked up a 2007 with less than 300 miles on it, the fluid was the color of a strong cup of tea. The original engine oil was a lighter color. The seemingly sealed system allows the fluid to absorb water, bad for the whole system. It's a cheap and easy bit of maintenance many overlook. You might also want to replace the sixteen year old tires... or at least the front one. Congrats a great deal!

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    close enough to $500 in racks on that bike, congrats on a great deal!
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    There is a lesson to be learned by all TW owners in this. Congrats on a fabulous score! Yes on dumping the stale fuel and replacing it with real gas and a heavy dose of sea foam or some other elixir that frees up gunk in carbs. The lesson is a rather simple one. Turn the fuel petcock off when ever the bike is not in use. Float needle valves can stick open at any time. I parked one of my TWs in the garage one afternoon while working on another one. All was fine all afternoon and I went in for dinner and then to bed. In the morning I went out to the garage and found the parked TW had leaked the entire tank over night from a stuck float valve. It never leaked before and it was not leaking when I went inside so at some point during the night it just began leaking. I would have to surmise the change in temperature might have been the culprit that allowed the valve to open as the engine and garage cooled and then become stuck.

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