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Thread: Joemama's latest mod

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    Joemama's latest mod

    Woohoo, Joemama just got a bright and shiny new right knee to replace his old, rusty, crusty and worn-out original one that was well beyond its expiration date ! He now has approximately the same amount of metal in his legs that he puts into his extended swingarms .

    Here's hoping that he will have a speedy recovery and will soon be back to chasing his wife around and splashing that pesky Joeband on every watercrossing .

    Take care Joe,


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    Get well soon brother Joe!! Love ya bro!!
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    The bionic man is becoming part Tdub. Ha. Heal up and thank you for all your contributions to the TW and this group!
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    Here's to a speedy recovery to a speedy TW rider/fabricator. I don't think I need an extended swingarm, but I want one. hahaha Best wishes from the middle Joemama.
    Tom in Wichita

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    Hope that new knee works great!
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    Welcome to the cyborg collective. We are one. Resistance is futile.

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    Hope you’re back up and running/riding soon
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    Thanks for the comments folks. This actually my second after market knee. The first one is failing and needs a revision. At this point I would like to do it asap. We will see how it plays out.
    We ha well seen the graciousness of TWBrian with his parts and knowledge resources. He has come through again. A couple of weeks ago, Brian made the three hour drive to drop off several therapy items for me to use. We had a nice relaxed conversation. We discussed several forum members that day. It should be EASY to figure out what we talked about our good friend Fred. It probably will be quite some time before I get a chance creek splash Joeband, so I'll just have a full bucket waiting for him. Hope to the guys sooner than later.

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    Heal well! I hope post-op discomfort is kept to a minimum.

    I had my hand worked on April 1st and it is still tender though no where near as tender as it was. However, physical torture, errr..... I mean physical therapy is quite thrilling. I will be glad when it is done.

    The best of luck to you Joe.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Will this new knee speed up or slow down possible adventures northwards? I’ll probably have to get one of them knees one day myself. First hand experience...moonshine helps heal. I thank you for the prescription. Of course maybe not mix the moonshine with other more professional healing medications.
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