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    Hey there everyone, I am currently in a web design class and I have been tasked with creating a web page about one of my hobbies. I, of course, am doing this about the mighty TW! I decided to put this topic in the General Discussion forum for the best visibility because I would like to be able to use some of the information, pictures and videos posted here in the site. This page will not be listed on any web server and therefore not viewable over the internet. My question is this, does anyone here have any issue with me utilizing any information, pic, or vids listed on this site? I understand if you do, and will most certainly respect your wishes if you would rather I did not.

    Again, my "Web Page" will not be made public over the internet.



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    You can use mine...

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    Your welcome to use my pics as well

    and here is a video I just uploaded today. Its a riding video so kinda boring but I hope it helps.

    TW ride!!!

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    No complaints here.

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    Anything I have posted here you can use and good luck!
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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    Feel free. Good luck and I wouldn't mind possibly checking out the finished result.
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    I think the general response previously when someone asked about Wikepedia or other borrowing strategies was it was OK with everybody as long as special stuff was acknowledged as to source. Consider yourself OK'd until someone complains or tell you differently. Tom
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    I have no issue with you using anything I have posted on this site. Have fun with your web design!

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    Feel free to use anything of mine, useless as it may be.
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    May we see what you put together?? I have no issues with anything I've posted if it's of value to you. I am very curious to see what you come up with. Have fun!

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