Petcocks, be careful buying on Ebay or Amazon.
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Thread: Petcocks, be careful buying on Ebay or Amazon.

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    Petcocks, be careful buying on Ebay or Amazon.

    Petcocks are a rather simple 2 way valve that go to the tank and reserve side from the off position. No rocket science involved or so we think. When a seller claims "Fits the TW or any other bike they are usually only talking about the mounting pad foot print and bolt alignment. I needed a new petcock for my BW 350 and went on Ebay and bought 2 Chinese ones for around $8 each with free shipping. They arrived quick and said in the auction "Fits the BW and TW tanks. They do fit and they work perfect but are not correct for the BW 350 at all. Think they are good for the TW and come with the gasket so no problem there. They probably work on a lot of different Yamaha tanks because most have the same mounting base footprint, gasket and bolt hole pattern.

    I bought a new OEM tank for my bike and mounted the new Ebay petcock only to find that my tank would not go down all the way. Looking things over I see the petcock protrudes too far down and is being held up by the engine head. I ordered and received the correct one today and all is fine now. Picture attached here. You must make sure the petcock you purchase is the right height or is it the down length.

    I am still waiting for the seller to reply to my question about the radiator cap he is selling and lists as fitting the BW 350, "Where does this radiator cap fit on a BW 350 that is an air cooled motor?"


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    LOL - radiator cap for a BW. They probably throw in a free muffler belt. Good heads up about petcocks.
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