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Thread: TW shift speeds

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    TW shift speeds

    My owners manual says that the 4-5 shift speed is 25 mph. It seems like my bike likes to be around 30 to 35 mph to shift to 5th gear. It sounds better in 4th and doesn't seem to bog into 5th at the higher speed.
    This is my 1st new bike. I only have about 300 miles on it.
    Is something wrong?
    Please drop a related comment to ease my mind or alert me to visit my dealership.
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    Sounds normal to me. Just change gears whenever you feel like it should. I'm usually in 5th around 30ish unless going uphill.

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    25 sounds low to me for 5th gear on a new bike with stock gearing. Without a tachometer, we have to rely on our ears and the feel of the bike for shifting points. It’s not good to lug these little air cooled engines, and over-revving is even worse. Your ears will let you know the happy medium. Cheers
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    Spend less time looking at the speedo and more time enjoying the ride. Shift when it feels right.
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    Tear out that page and burn it. Trying to factor in all possible variables and put a speed number on shifting is silly. You should hear and feel when to shift. You'll get used to it. Ride stress free about this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sthrnromr View Post
    Tear out that page and burn it. Trying to factor in all possible variables and put a speed number on shifting is silly. You should hear and feel when to shift. You'll get used to it. Ride stress free about this one.
    now you're talking, no need for book learning here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idon'thaveoneyet... View Post
    My owners manual says that the 4-5 shift speed is 25 mph.......
    Sure, going downhill and not trying to accelerate! Rubbish! Now, it is true that once the engine is fully broken in around 2,000 miles you can go up to nearly 55 before shifting to 5th if you are trying to accelerate into faster moving traffic, 30 to 35 is good until then, gradually increasing it. As said, your ear is your best tachometer. If the bike will not take substantial throttle upon shifting and sounds like it's laboring (lugging), you are too early. If the engine sounds like it's about to come apart you are too late. Most people never get this engine anywhere near redline (9,500) for just that already sounds like exploding at 8,500! However, people who commute daily in 65-70 mph traffic do that all the time and the engine is none the worse for wear. (well, just a little bit, they only get maybe 35,000 miles instead of 40,0000.)
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    Generally I'm shifting to 5th around 35/40, but will often take 4th closer to 40/45 before going into 5th and it feels great. I've got about 1,200 miles on mine so far, and it feels right at home around that spot for in-town riding. 25 feels bogged down like crazy—so that seems like rubbish to me as well. I'm on board with using your ears and feelers.
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    Just listen to it and feel it, that will tell you when to shift. A book or manual won't tell you that and there are no rules to adhere to, other than don't bog the bike down and don't unnecessarily over-rev the engine,
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    I rarely ever shift into 5th until I hit 35-40 mph (on flat ground). On flat ground with stock gearing I would say I shift into 3rd At 20ish mph, 4th at 30mph and 5th at 35-40.
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