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Thread: I need your opinions on purchasing used tw200

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    Thank you everyone for your replies I really appreciate it. I am leaning towards just getting a new one to start fresh and not have to worry about how it was broke in or what has happened to it. As weird as it might sound I might actually wait to see what the color scheme is for the 2020 model. Does anyone know what it might be or is it usually random? Thanks again for all of your help.
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    I purchased mine a month ago after looking for awhile . 13' with 120 miles for $3400. Seemed like a lot but there were literally none for sale for sale in the whole of New England other than the beat one, 87' with black rubber coating for paint and 25000 miles and a newer one with thousands of miles for same money. I guess lots of places around the country that's too much ,but how bad do you want it lol! Ps you can get new plastic any day of the week if you don't like the colors.
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    I paid 3700 for a 19 new out the door cash price

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    Thats right at what I paid for a brand new 2019. I think it's priced too high.
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