I need your opinions on purchasing used tw200
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Thread: I need your opinions on purchasing used tw200

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    I need your opinions on purchasing used tw200

    I have been looking for a tw200 for a while and think I finally found one. It’s a 2016 (my favorite year) with 250 miles on it. Price is $3850. I guess just want everyone’s opinion on if this is a fair price and any other opinions anyone has. Thanks for everyone’s time.


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    Price varies by location and timing. I live in a small town with one motorcycle dealership. They had 2 new TWs for sale for 2 or 3 years and dropped the price super low (like $3400) to finally get rid of them. I had seen them while looking at other bikes before the TW bug bit me. After deciding that I wanted one I went in and talked to the owner about them. He laughed and said that he tried to sell the TWs for 2 or 3 years, and now 6 months later he said I was the 3rd person in a week wanting one.
    About a month later they had one in on consignment that I bought. It was a showroom condition bike with under 400 miles, but about 7 years old. I played just under $3000 out the door and was happy with the deal.
    $3850 seems a little high for a bone stock used bike even with low miles, but it might be right on for your area. More importantly, are you willing to miss 2 months of riding season waiting for a better deal.

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    Since the only difference in a 2001 and a brand new one is the color of plastic. Price is about mileage and condition and how bad you want it.

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    I just bought a 2013 with 340 odd miles on it, looks like it just came from the dealership, and has 9 months of YES warranty for $2600, no haggling with the seller.

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    Just buy a new one with warranty for the same price, maybe a 200 bucks more. Why take the risk of buying a used bike regardless of miles when your that close to getting new. $3850 for a 3 year old bike is ridiculous, IMHO.
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    The last I heard the MSRP on a new TW was $4550. We have heard of some here buying them new for numbers around $3600. Weather or not these are out the door numbers after all the fees and taxes are paid is questionable. Where you are located does certainly have a lot to do with what the going prices are. Dealers being stuck with left over TWs also have a lot to do with what you can expect to pay. Plumbstraight had the right answer IMO. That said I think $3850 is a bit high and before I would pay that much for a used one I would search for a dealers elsewhere that is willing to make a similar deal on a brand new TW that he is stuck with. My local dealer here does not even stock any TWs in his inventory and claims he can't sell them while he has the Suzuki VanVan at the same price. If I want a brand new TW from him it will cost close to the MSRP for him to order one in. Just a couple hundred miles over in PA I can buy a new or even a left over new TW for a thousand dollars or more less. Don't be afraid to do a road trip to get what you want but be sure when dealing over the phone with dealers they are giving you the real TOTAL price and not holding back on the typical BS fees they often try to hook you with. Cash is king when dealing for a TW and you do not need any of the BS extended warranties that are not worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. I bet for right around $4000 you could have a shiny new TW in your truck with all taxes, fees and title.

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    Thanks for all of your replies there is a new one that has been at a dealership here for at least 6 months, maybe I should go there and see what kind of deal they can give me.

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    Perhaps visit the stealership and tell them you are on your way to buy the used 2016 private party machine that very afternoon but thought you would give them a chance first to make a deal unloading their 2019 before the 2020's flood their showroom floor.
    Do not mention used bike's asking price but offer something like $4,100 out the door plus tax and license.
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    I agree with Fred’s strategy here. Also, you can always make a lower offer on that 2016 and see what happens. Never hurts to ask. In the end, do what is best for you and your location.
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    Despite the bike being nearly four years old, with that mileage, it may seem as though that doesn’t matter, but the truth of it is that it “can”

    Depending on whether it was stored inside or out in the sun, denotes how fast the seat cover deteriorates, and also the tires. Hopefully, the dealer will not admit to knowing how it was stored, and crucially will not be able to guarantee it — bargaining point number one

    Next up, we have the eternal problem of Ethanol in US fuel. Firstly, you want to take the cap off the fuel tank, and peer inside for signs of rust. The smallest sign of discolouration even around the fuel cap knocks even more money off (as far as you are concerned). While you are there, check the top of the swinging arm nearest the engine for similar discolouration (they all do it), and make it seem as though “all this rust” is putting you off fast — explain to the dealer that it was exactly this kind of “neglect” that was pushing towards buying new from the “other guy”

    The truth of the matter is that neither of these “problems” matter a damn, except perhaps the seat cover thing, but let’s get back to Ethanol, this time left in the carb. This is a real problem, so test ride the bike before you buy it, and check that you have full range of power (and I use the term loosely) throughout the gears, taking the bike up to an indicated 65mph in top. The slightest hesitation indicates a clogged carb, which would not surprise me having only done 250 miles in four years. A dose of “Seafoam” may cure it, it might not — if it does, fine, but can the dealer guarantee it will ? — another price drop is on the cards. A new OEM carb will set you back $250 to $300 as far as he’s concerned — as far as you are concerned, we’ll talk you through how to cure the old one

    Now, the contents of what I’ve posted here are one very good reason why you should consider buying “new” — but not at “any price” — most of the “potential problems” with that 2016 are quite fixable, but again, only if the price is right

    As others have suggested, prices vary according to region, and also the time of the year. As far as the latter goes, you’re up against it, but dealers only make money when they move product. Your need to buy is now balanced by his need to sell

    My personal advice (in addition to the above), would be not to be diverted by “how it looks”. Go in knowing that, be prepared to walk away from it, and you’ll have your head on straight

    Good luck ……
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