Save $$ on TW34?
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Thread: Save $$ on TW34?

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    Save $$ on TW34?

    Anyway, found a reasonably priced TW34 by accident from kortee. Bridgestone Trail Wing TW34 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Tire 180/80-14 [F24X54F5] - $59.99 : . Add another $4.98 shipping to midsouth USA. No experience with this seller, sounds too good to be true, anyone know about these folks?.

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    Please post the link. Kortee sells belts, as in to keep your pants up.
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    Not enough posts to post a link.

    Google bridgestone tw34 kortee

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    PSA - Do not put your credit card into that site. It’s a scam.
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    Good call Sthrnromr.
    Beware all those Not Secure sites, look for the "S" in https address
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    Sounds too good to be true, from a totally unknown seller who primarily seems to sell clothing items? yeah, I'd steer clear. You might get what you paid for (these scammy sites will then just order it via amazon and have it sent to you, figuring the CC theft they'll pull will more than make up the "bargain" price" they sold the tire for). Of course, they'll ring up as much as they can on your card number until it gets shut off.

    Same goes for Virtually everyone I know that's bought anything off that site has had credit card info stolen.

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