First Bike... of course it's a TW!
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Thread: First Bike... of course it's a TW!

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    First Bike... of course it's a TW!

    Hello All,

    I found a 2017 TW with 200 miles on it last week that was 1/2 hour from home. Got it for $3,500. Bike is like new.

    We finally got a break from the rain last night. So I checked the oil level and took it out for my first motorcycle ride last night. Needless to say, it was the best 4 miles on the road of my life. The little TW stole my heart! So fun! Working on a name...

    I'll be using this bike to commute a bit on gravel and blacktop roads (15 miles/day, nothing over 55mph). Any and all advice is welcome, but I do have a couple of questions.

    1) should I change oil? which oil?
    2) any other important checks?
    3) below is my list of things to acquire and approximate cost. Any other recommendations?

    Bell MX9 Adventure Helmet $210
    Ricochet skid plate. $100
    IMS footpegs. $80
    New O-ring chain. $70
    Front tire - Shinko 241 (4.0 X 18) $57
    Rear rack - Cycle Rack $200
    JNS led black headlamp $120
    Jimbo Cafe shield. $71

    Fantastic Forum, looking forward to being a part of it!
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    Beautiful bike, welcome!
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    Congrats! I beat you by 3 days, my 2017 had only 283 km (175 miles).

    I just bought these footpegs, the same ones as Tdubskid:

    They're cheaper than the IMS but surely not as tough.

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    Welcome. These are great all around bikes. I have over 45,000 miles on mine with casual commuting, off road, curb hopping and some jumping. I bought mine with 200 miles on it in 1994. Enjoy the new ride.
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    Welcome and congrats! You’re in for a treat. Also I can’t think of a better first bike that’s just as fun after multitudes of decades of riding experience
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    Welcome and Congrats from Ottawa, Ontario!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! Ken, 45,000 miles is impressive and it provides a good goal.
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    Yes on changing the oil and filter. I use Yamalube Performance All Purpose 10-40.
    I'd check the basics, chain adjustment and tire pressure.
    Give the bike a once over, with that few of miles there could still be things the dealer prep messed up lurking about.

    Then enjoy the ride!
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    Welcome ! I agree with the X ring chain and the Jimbo. Change the oil (1qt) and clean the filter often. I would get a correct spare oil filter in case yours get damaged. I have 2 stock air filters that I alternate when changing oil. Clean, oil and put in zip loc for next change.

    I feel that the skid plate is not necessary unless you are banging over trees and rocks! The stock pegs are fine. I found that bigger ones are actually harder for me to get my feet off and back on the pegs in a hurry.

    I put 7k miles on the stock front tire and only crashed once! ABS would have saved me from that, and probably everyone else that has dumped a bike going downhill around a corner and had to brake hard suddenly!

    Take the locking tabs off your fuel cap unless you want to use your key every time you need fuel.
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    Go like hell, You'll get there quicker!

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    Welcome and congrats. Yamaha nailed it with the 2017 colors and graphics.
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